Oliver Mtukudzi

Died today in the afternoon. RIP Legend. Co incidentally, on the same date his great friend and jazz legend Hugh Masekela died a year ago!


I had planned to travel to Bulawayo 2017 and postponed. fuckin hell.

was to take a pinkie

Shocking. Apparently he has been battling diabetes.



so umemiss chance ya kukamuliwa na mkunduzi vile amekufa?be clear impure blood

wacha kusumbua pure blood. Jinga


No. Loved the man and his music. Leo nimefiwa…

loved the man!!!



you were told that when you talk english , its your english that goes to emergency ward and not you .ghasieer takataka

@Purr_27 ona sasa… R.I.P Peace Oliver.

What shall we do?
Rip great african
cc @uwesmake

RIP legend.

Si kwa ubaya but huyo ni nani?

Ever heard of this song


eeeeh ndio naitambua…kumbe iliimbwa na huyu jamaa.Thanks and may he RIP

R.I.P Mr Oliver. Leo nmeshinda nkiwekelea mileage and just learnt about his departure apa kwa local. His music is truly lenjeee…(wait for it)…ndary!