Oliskia wapi.



:D:DClassic trumper

we wont cow to lamestream media

Probably both accounts belong to the same guy and he is trying to poke fun at Trump supporters…

Like I have said before, this is a man who was negotiating with the New York Mafia in his 20s so they don’t start problems in his construction sites. Na ujue mafia sio babako. Atakuchomea gari na akuambie enda ujidinye.

His father threw him to the wolves at an early age he doesn’t scare easily.

He was dealing with the local union Atwoli’s and corrupt local kanjo in his 20s and 30s.

@Purple @Kahuni Maisha and all MAGA…


You guys don’t go down easy, except bald head @T.Vercetti. Anyway I hope the law holds, it might thaw the hypocrisy.

Tuko na uncle Trump liwe liwalo hapana tambua

Hatuko pamoja!

Tuko wengi

Msee hakubali kushindwa,riwe riwaro:D