Olfactory Detection of Pregnancy

With my couple of decades now approaching 4, I can say I have some command in maters female physiology. I can easily notice a woman carrying a pregnancy of 18 weeks from a distance.

One other ability I have acquired is detection of pregnancy even before it shows in a woman, albeit a woman who I can interact with in close quarters and it is only wise that I educate some of you yungins here.

I have stayed with a considerable number of women at different states of fecundity, both coworkers and girlfriends. What I have found is that pregnant women produce urine which emits a different odor from that of non-pregnant females. The urine of a paged woman has that smell of feline micturition, while those not heavy with child will have their urine smelling normal. This is especially noticeable when a woman does not flush after using the bathroom.

What I usually do is ask a woman not to flush every time she goes for a short call as that is a “waste” of water and I am environmentally conscious hehe, then I go after then for the olfactory pregnancy test. Mimi sitawekelewa mimba hivi hivi!
There you have it, don’t be a Beta male raising kids who don’t even look like you!

Na musiseme ni mogoka imenionyesha. Kuna vitu inaitwa pheromones, Google!

do more research on soil, trees…rain patterns, water…io ndo shida yetu kwa sasa ivi. we have to conquer poverty, disease and ignorance first



:D:D wewe ni muchinga sana…

Saved me the hussle… I was going looking for this… Our boy @Dune got himself a unique talent

Sasa nimejua mbona ngombe hunusa ngombe ingine ikikojoa halafu inaweka mapua juu…good talk.

Exactly! Hehe

Haha thenks for noticing, no need for starting an argument asking your lady to do a pregnancy test.

I can’t do that on my own, that is why I am saving the mboyshaold from an early grave due to stress!

dude a pregnancy test is 50 bob wholesale… acha kuangusha kijiji smelling toilets ! chinga sana

Sawa kizee, but have you tried asking a kunguru you haven’t slept with to do a pregnancy test? World war II was nothing compared to what you will get!

uliza @Bottoms atakuambia wholesale ni ngapi…

So basically your super power is piss sniffing. You probably have urolagnia, or a fetish for urine.

ok…wapi ile app ya dictionary?

sawa captain planet!

You couldn’t be more wrong. This simply is a natural adaptation for self preservation and to ensure the continuity of my progeny.


Zinakupita tu…download the app fasta

kwanza urolagnia …nimeenda kutafta meaning,it reads:it is a form of salirophilia…so ata kabla sijaendelea sana nikafungua tab ingine ya kuangalia sarilophilia ni nini:…salirophilia is a form of paraphilia…sai ndio naangalia paraphillia ni nini…

:D:D bit more than you can chew?