Older Women

Elders, what’s your take on dating elder women? I’m seeing a Belgium lady who’s a bit older than me. She’s super wealthy but that’s not the reason I’m with her. Those with experience, I would like to hear from you, before nihamie Brussels!



“I’m seeing a Belgium lady who’s a bit older than me


Chukua pesa,start a biz hapa na uende Brussels holidays only.

First learn how to edit (while you still can) instead of replying to yourself.

Edit: I just became a fucking ELDER after posting that.
What are the odds??

Tumesema hapa mara nyingi; over 18 under 24 young soft meat pekee ndo tunatambua. What’s so hard with that … I don’t understand.

Mwambie akuje mkae hapa Kenya. Don’t accept to go to Belgium.

Bonobo bado hujashikanisha? She’s using you as a warm african-sized dildo. You should be afraid of white women especially if you are in their country.

@Tom Bayeye kuja hapa utoe maoni.

Uliza yeye kama ako na a reach* sister,pia mimi niumoke

Huyu lazima ni pseudo ya @MTINGIZA KITANDA!!! anatingiza bed akiwank with one hand and typing with the other

I have a friend alioa kadem ka kutoka belgium in 2006, sahi ako ubelgiji.


That’s great


So what’s the reason why you’re with her.

Tunajua ushakuwa a fully fledged gigolo who will be used as a sex toy to please an old white woman in exchange for a good life or money or visa

Ubaya wako wewe unapenda kumwambia ukweli. Sasa ona ataanza kulia

That’s oddly specific

Scammer…411 script…Bonobos with an IQ lower than 70 read @ChifuMbitika @MTINGIZA KITANDA!!! @cheekbusta will flock on ur wall kuibiwa