old women's wombs

Walking around town you’ll observe that most mature women ( over 30) have something like a pot belly. Iyo ni womb.

And there is a reason most men are turned off by wombs. It means the woman has given birth a couple times. Her ability to pair bond is at an absolute zero. She is basically a man with girl parts.

Nothing disgusts me more than women with pot bellies. I don’t want to see them in offices donning suits. They should be home performing wifely and motherly duties. They are not sexy. They are old.

Nothing is more disgusting than a naked woman with a pot belly. They way that womb hangs is enough to make one’s testicals retreat back to the abdominal cavity.

Quit fucking old whores who’ve given birth. Where is your dignity as a man? Seduce young chics with tight bodies and fresh unpolluted wombs. Wachana na wamama wazee.

What if fetish ya msee huku inje ni kudinya washowasho?

MGTOW=FREEDOM…Hapa nakubaliana na wewe kabisa

I always thought you were a pretend illiterate didnt think for a moment that you are a functioning imbecile.
Its called a pot belly or belly fat you numbskull,and is caused by being too fat or having weak belly muscles. Fat is found between your skin and muscles,unakumbuka bio ama githeri ilikumaliza those afte? Once the layer of fat in your abdomen becomes more than an inch thick, you`ll have a pot belly. The only way to get rid of it is to lose weight.
Poor diet, lack of exercise, and stress, Improving nutrition, increasing activity, and making other lifestyle changes can all help.MEN HAVE IT TOO genius and no,its not a sign of wealth … Jiiiiisa,the ratio of literacy to illiteracy is constant but nowadays the illiterates can read and write atleast…you sir need devine intervention

divine, not “devine.” Shenzi old man. Learn to spell.

wewe ni mjinga sana. Those are wombs. I know you’re feeling a little gassy because both of your wives have it, and because given your age, those are the only sort of women you can score with.

Mushienzi, there is a difference between belly fat and womb. That disgusting pouch hanging from your wife’s front is a womb, not belly fat. Ghasia.

Should we start planting sperms in the shamba and reaping children after 9 months ?, should I include your mother in the reply who is a woman ?respect them coz if it weren’t them you would not have been around to spew filth.Everthing age’s unless it’s fake.

wewe ni mjinga. Why are you including your mother kwa hii thread. I understand that your mother is a dirty smelly ratchet who sells her ikus at 50/ bob mlolongo but have some respect for your family, son.

Womb or whatever. Siwesmind kufikisha threshold.

tafuta PYTs. Quit fucking women with pouches

Hii ndo inakukereketa moyo. :D:D:D:D:D nimejua spelling madhe

Hii yote,tomba . Wacha hasira with useless threads. Grow up a little

ukikula sana unakuwa na tumbo
hapana story za womb hapa

wewe mkamba wa Langata cemetery there is a difference between men and women. Ya wanaume ni belly fat. Ya wamama kama bibi ya @Tom Bayeye ni womb. Polluted womb.

Sisi hutomber bibi ya @Tom Bayeye sana. He is a disgusting old man and because he has money, he looks down on us young guys. But he has no taste. He fucks pot-bellied women with pouches.

this CBC graduate is out to finish me:D:D

And How do you get off setting standards for your self and yet you are a defective, demented crosse eyed bottom feeder who is not fit by darwinian laws to errect in front of women let alone corpulate ? Be very grateful kuna mwanamke anaweza kutolea suruali and keep quiet. The nerve!!!

Do you realize that you’re perfectly describing your Maa?

Shimo mbaya ni ya kanyo pekee ,so long as my balls are empty .

As if a woman didn’t give birth to you, and all your female relatives are slim, figure 8 and are high in the cooperate ladder. I loath men who demean women in whatever way