Old Video of Kayole Mpesa robbery. The cashier is Sus

why do i have a feeling she is part of the deal


Ati kayole wanaume waling’oa ATM machine nakuenda kuibomolea mbele? #kayolenikwasaitan


she is not. her body language…

She’s avoiding giving them a reason to shoot her.

That woman is shaken. The other one where a chemist owner got shot is the one that the attendantlooks complicit.


It’s Cayole, by the way.:smiley:


cayole kwa kina Uwes

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[SIZE=5]What was she supposed to do ? She is smart cooperate hio pesa sio yake why get hurt because of some 50 k [/SIZE]

Hio pesa siyo ya mama yake, angeleta nyeff nyeff ni copper angekula