Miimi nachagua C


Hii poll yako haieleki

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if only you grew up dear african pri-mate (primary school mate)

ill choose C. Though wapi “Lost Boyz” for me they were the in thing

Ooh? Kuma baridi wewe, firwa na zile umbwa koko za kwenyu. Motherless cunt

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tough one aiseh. but c will do. d also. and e… :D:D:D

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I will go with D… GZA, Raekwon. Moto kama pasi.
Hii C yako Slick Rick na KRS 1 can outrap kila mtu humo ndani

Without Sinatra and Run DMC the huge list is retarded.
P. S 1E seems like Jam master jay, your sins are forgiven.
P. S. S bed time fags, 2 liters of the best…

D juu ya Big Snoop, the guy is a legend, plus music actually went legit in his era

Where is Dre when you need him?

In NWA ice cube and Mc Ren had better punchlines

The underrated ones, akina methodman,rakim,talib kweli,dilated people,juvenile,the roots etc…mtu kama Fabolous has done so much to mainstream hiphop but history does not give him much props…

Hi ungeweka check boxes,I like more than one group

The poll is rigged in favour of group C, iko na heavyweights wengi sana. But pia D iko tu sawa pia

hizi category hazimake sense. What criteria did you use?

uko biased sana…ako wapi kagumo lapper? Noogle.

Raekwon ni nephew wa Jakuon?
Mimi C.

where is Xzibit and redman…Jadakiss and Snoopy wangefit C.

Redman ako between Jay-z and B.I.G hapo C

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Tell us why you are for C and Not B. Mimi naona hiyo B iko na wazito kushinda hata C