Old News

EACC sleuths found Sh17mn in dollars and Kenya shillings during raid at house of a National Lands Commission official.

Huyo haikosi ni Swazuri, he who ‘unmasked’ Ngilu and got her fired, only to take rot to uncharted depths. He was even trying to use the courts to stop investigatins.


niambie vile umefika kwa io hesabu ya 1.7 birrion because from up there unasema:
Sh17mn in dollars and Kenya shillings

nimeedit mbio mbio

I owe Charity Ngilu an apology. When she was constantly complaining about NLC officials every week I thought she was overbearing or taking rivalry too far. Kumbe ilikuwa she knew they were the new cartel at lands offices. When she implemented the new security features at land register where staff from both lands ministry and NLC needed to enter their biometric to gain access to registry and sign in on all files they handled, Swazuri protested bitterly. It meant every person handling any file could be traced. Swazuri even sued the state on the same but lost out when court ruled that it’s the executive role to produce and mange the land register for both private and public land. However NLC are the only ones who can make changes on Public land files at the registry. So they play a complementary role on public land.

Rumours have been there of the new cartel at NLC especially in coast for a while and I’m glad it has been investigated and action taken.

A friend who is a land surveyor told me swazuri ni balaa hata bribe ya 10k anachukua, I dismissed him as bitter with nlc together with ngilu. Kumbe!?

He must be very rich at the moment, coz huwezi jua how much he has in foreign accounts.