Old motorcycles

Wasiito. I’m looking for an old motorcycle, with a valid log book. Yamahas or Suzukis, for a training project I have. It could even be the shell of the motorcycle, as long as it has a valid log book, for insurance purposes, it’s fine. Any leads on places where any of such has been dumped will be highly appreciated. Serious replies only. Thanks.

ingia pale roosters uulizia jamaa anaitwa wangombe, ako na yard pale,ata ukitaka motor mpya utapata

Be very careful… kubuy nduthi mzee ni tricky you might end up in jail for murder. Izi ngamia zinaunaga vibaya sana.



Endwa kwa Muhindi

Sohansons na Toyota Kenya? Ama mgani exactly?

Ingia pale African Motorcycle Diaries on facebook if you aren’t a member already.