Old Money Homes Karen

I couldn’t help noticing that some homes in Karen are in a state of disrepair/showing signs of neglect.

I’m not gonna lie – the place has some of the most beautiful compounds lakini there are some homes where ukiingia gate you find the place in a state of deterioration.

Dirty and contaminated swimming pool, worn out walls, e.t.c

I’m sure if you probe you’d find the original owners are not around and the grandkids/children are not doing very well financially and are too proud to get a regular job and renovate the perimeter wall/install electric fences and other structures and facilities.


I know one Iko on 2.5 acres. 2 kids are doing ok, but Iko idlers who live Kwa SQ, watoi wako hio is it Karen c kanjo primary school.

Ni kuhama home.Hao za home ni oldschool the only recourse ni kubomoa na ujenge new school.Lakini hawa developers vile wanakuja kama sio izo policies za KLDA watu wangetii. Naoni with time flats zitafika

I know a few people with such homes in Karen. They are 60+ and obviously stuck in their ways with bigger issues to worry about such as their age.

Their children are not upper class Kenyans like their parents. However, they are upper middle class doctors, auditors etc. This explains why such homes are in a state of disrepair. There is nobody to repair them and the people responsible are too old to care. The kids aren’t rich enough to repair dads mansion.


The kids are busy, running around from one mall to another kama mzee wa boma :blush:, fattening!!!

So what is wrong with kids learning in a govt school, a school which has qualified TSC teachers? FYI in nearly all rural areas, kids attend such schools and end up in alliance, mangu etc.

Nothing wrong, many of us went to govt schools too. But hawa ni watu tajiri very old money. People who were born and bred in Karen from the 70’s. If that money can’t take the grandkids to atleast a mid level private school, basi ni ya nini?

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Pesa ni ya kukuliwa wakati wa mazishi

The mzee’s funeral was top notch, catering was by a top Nairobi hotel. But they have many rentals, people wonder hio pesa huenda wapi, if their bro is a wreck, somesha watoi and given their dad a stipends he drinks himself silly if he wants to.

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