Old Cultures, that used to and still work: Pharaoh

The world was created perfect,
Then we brought all the imbalances there now is
Funny how, it is legal to smoke cigarrettes with all its cancers, but illegal to spliff up?
Its legal for men to have their genitalia skins cut, but a woman’s shouldnt be touched?
What? The? FerkDeorro?
There’s this thing that is still practiced, chini ya maji
We cannot depart from thousands of years of culture just coz the white man said it
It works
the intention is to maintain a woman’s vaginity before marriage, pleasure on the wedding nite and fidelity after marriage
it has been called pharaoh, but i dislike this naming
A girl is sewn and a hole left to allow hethi and urine
This prevents her from jumping jumping around with boys during those troublesome adolescent years
It works
Ahead of her wedding, she is opened so that her husband can now taste the virginity
It works with pleasure galore
Incase the husband is going away for some time at any instance of the marriage
it is sewn again to prevent jumping jumping
it works
Instead of fighting culture, we should work to make it safer
Perhaps allow the same to be done in hospitals with trained personell
It has worked in many countries, including indonesia
Statistics are impressive i tell you

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