@ol monk my thread about weed food/edibles ina nini mbaya?

What about all the threads about faggotry? will you delete them too?

This is a social site…the only thing that should NEVER be posted is child pornography the rest of the issues under the sun can and should be shared…hakuna mtu mods wanalea hapa…if as s’one has stated peeps can discuss shitty topics like gays why not weed…if peeps can rubbish religion…surely???


Admin you’re being hypocritical. Kama kuongea about cannabis aint right, then why favor gay talk and all kinds of evil shiet. I think we are all above pampering age so let the thread posters be. ITS THAT SIMPLE BANA.


Hawa watu wana upuzi sana.

Its funny. Why does the @admin think that removing the post will prevent the same being discussed privately in inboxes and whatsapp n other forms of communication.
What I would have done if I was the admin or the mods,was to insert a disclaimer at the start of the thread that weed was illegal in Kenya discussing it as it were,where the Talker mentioned friends who use it n how they use it was and amounted to encouraging the use of illegal substance.
That said,I would have gone ahead and further disclaimed that while the village was an open forum,some subjects,though not totally banned from the village were not for everyday discussion.
Further,the hypocrite that is @admin has allowed both gay pride n gay bashing to occur variously in the village not withstanding that homosexuality is also illegal under the constitution of Kenya.
What am trying to say is that the same parameters be used on all threads n posts in the village.
And in any case,part of the rules and regulations of the village,which all of the villagers agreed to on joining this forum,is that the admin or the mods are not legally responsible for what Talkers decide to post. That however does not allow Talkers to discuss illegalities under the guise of freedom nor does it free the admin or the mods from adjudicating when such issues crop up.

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Monkey monkey monkey that’s one retarded point…

Silly monkey. Prostitution is also illegal yet it’s discussed here daily

Is this a church?

The Natcotics & Psychotropic Substances Act is so clear on this:

  1. Natcotics
  2. Psychotropic substances
  3. Prohibited plants.

That said, I’m sure we could do with a clean-up here on all this gay nonsense.

That is not the point of debate here