Ol Donyo Sapuk Resort

A Top Notch Resort nestled between Kilima Mbogo Mountain and the Famous Fourteen Falls. The Resort is uniquely located in Machakos County and bordering Kiambu County.

The Resort is stylishly designed showcasing a beautiful fireplace in the lounge and stunning panoramic views of Kilima
Mbogo Mountain from the huge windows, providing the perfect backdrop for your perfect day. Our warm, inviting and unique atmosphere makes it an ideal place for family getaways, groups of interest and corporates alike. The resort is fully wheelchair friendly.


woi I have been pronouncing it as SABUK all these years


Been there twice for swimming. The food takes ages to get ready and it’s damn expensive.

Its Oldonyo Sabuk National Park and this one is Oldonyo Sapuk Resort.

Was this you

That’s unfortunate and a let down for a beautiful resort.[ATTACH=full]162885[/ATTACH]

haha in my dreams maybe

That’s the norm in resorts, in such a place time should not be a concern for they assume you will be available for the open bar few drinks unless you are lucky on days an open Buffet is on.
But I believe the longer the fresher the cooking.

Camping iko?

But I would suggest anyone who likes swimming to visit. Jua inakuchoma vizuri hadi 7:30 pm. It’s also a good visit for anyone looking for a kasingo matha. They come for swimming with a pack of slayqueens

21 years old whisky. Men I wish I had this tonight. All that cold will be history. [ATTACH=full]162941[/ATTACH]
Ladies can have this.

Rates, menu and prices?

@Ice_Cube @Theuri wa kigogoine will answer that since they have been there. In my opinion the rooms are overpriced at 10000.
Dining at our restaurant - OlDonyo Sapuk Resort

i know the owner. very nice guy