Okuyus of Azimio

I have seen the arrogance and pride displayed by the Okuyu shiets in Azimio. I heard that they are now demanding for the deputy presidency.

Okuyus supporting Baba should know that we are doing them a favor by letting them offer their 10% support to Baba. In fact, we are doing you a favor by saving your community from an imminent destruction awaiting you if the butcher of Sugoi wins. As Luos, we have nothing much to lose. We have been there, seen them all and gone through everything.

We have even chosen to forgive the atrocities you have done to us since 1963., destroying us economically, killing our leaders and neglecting our region. We will not avenge. So, stop forcing yourself into positions we haven’t offered you. Sit back and wait. Your 10% support cannot let us forgo 80% support from the Kambas.

bro, umesahau kusign

Sasa you’re responding to Murathe, ama?.. :D:D:D



He is part of the Okuyu shiets, so yeah!

Ihii ni iruwe.

nekee uhoro wa mutongoria ni mimi

You still didn’t answer him tho… :smiley:

You are damn right, but this goes to Konyagi family.
They have betrayed n messed up the luos, saa hizi Konyagi is pretending n trying to use rao

Ass MiO is D.O.A ,hio project isn’t sellable in western,rift valley, mount Kenya , north eastern , coast and large section s of ukambani,kalooser aliimbiwa wimbo za mazishi huko kwao , anyone who thinks assmio has a chance is suffering from mental retardation, substance abuse or both

PLANTESHEN=HAPPINESS … mujamaa siasa is not your fort. Tubakie tu uku kwa pre/post wall meat banae

Mbona umemalisa mgtow president namna hio banae :D:D

Onea yeye huruma mkubwa

Wakikuyu wa azimio la ujinga are @Half_Human @ghasiatakataka

“saving your community from an imminent destruction”

The baluba of congo(DRC) faced similar political dogma like the luos of kenya.

Today congo(DRC) President is Felix Tshisekedi, is a muluba.

Hehe … napenda akipatia akina @uwestakataka motivational talk ya PLANTESHEN. Hii siasa taharibu yeye kichwa