Ktalk Okiya on tv is it?


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Okiya the remaining jj

One thing i admire about Okiya is that he will always go to court with his findings, meaning the ‘accused’ have a chance to defend themselves. Unlike others who will come up with wild allegations on shosho media to whip up public emotions and malaysia when things get hot.

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Example for those who malaysia

alikuwa wira…

Lakini that Kinisu guy has a lot of dirt, he is not fit for that position.

Staki kuuliwa.we 2 different persons.


What if u are EAcc boss would u make any changes…?

I’ve stated here before that I don’t have any ambitions to work in the public sector. None.

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Is that the reason you changed your avatar?


How did he even have the audocity to apply for that job. An insult to Kenyans really. But then again this is Kenya. Its not by accident he got that job. Somebody put him there to quelch the power of that institution. It is a strange coincidence that he is receiving payments from the biggest institutional theft (Devolution and NYS)he is supposed to be investigating.

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