Ati what has happened in Bunyala?
I hear ‘baba’ ameona real fire.
@bjurmann , you forgot to ask for today’s updates.


ameonyeshwa moto ya miwa ikichomeka ama hiyo si real fire?

He…he…odm never fail to disappoint. I told you this chest thumping tour to cry about Ababu will backfire and leave western more divided than before.




Okiya sarcastically atasema choma iko chojo Western locked. Mungojee uone.

2nd picture in my initial reply, that is Ababu Namwamba’s own Mum welcoming Rao in Budalangi

Coast politicians ndio wengi kushinda WA Western

hio ni moto tu ya makaratasi…

Ati nini… he…he…babuon needs them to massage his ego

Tungojee @Okiya atayarishe Picha atuekee ilitujue, Western iko locked. napenda Sana.

Leo been busy preparing a report due sijafuata how campaigns have been in Western today. But before people start accusing me of being a mole and absconding party duties, let me be categorically clear.

Raila’s political paraphernalia is in my blood like a virus

he is the most charismatic

he is the most proactive

he is a political journalist

an adnological intellectual

very perspicacious

very intelligent

dynamic and idiosyncratic

man of distinguished fortitude

and virtue of character

he is a paradoxical

he is accessible

he is a realistic

he is a beta some

he is an adventurous

he is flabbergasting

the most prestigious

a… a protagonist

a central character

a master character

a leading character and

so and so forth

I’ll send updates of Western iko locked 9pm

Vile Okiya amesema mpaka mwisho, sisomi kitu

He he

Kwanza @Okiya ameleta adjectives to describe the real man. Tungojee 9pm for more updates plus Picha.


had a very stressful day you just changed that…:D:D:D

Kama hiyo ametoa during a shot break saa tatu itakua aje? Following…