Plan to name road in Mombasa after Railas son sparks protests . Jubilee members to organise peaceful demonstration to object to the decision. Caution advised. Road to be officially unveiled today.
Cc: @Okiya

Hiyo jina badia inaenda na joho come 2017

That guy could have turned the offer down who the fuck is that fidel brat. Vote any body else 2017 else every back street will be named after one of jakoms clan members. Chieth!


Waiting for the demonstration

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hapo sawa meria mata

Reason behind of renaming New Nyali road to Fidel Odinga is as I quote"Fidel alizaliwa babake(Raila Odinga) akiwa jela (1982 coup) } ati shida alizopitiya ndiyo imetufanya tufungue barabara…

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Wasnt fidel born in the early 70s?


@Okiya maoni yako toa tafasary.

Why do I even care what they name a road? If I demonstrate does it change my way of living. Saingine waKenya tunakuwaga na umama sana.


Nice question,
The road is also half done, wonder why they are in such a hurry

That drug addict and drunkard!!! Whats notable about that to have a road named after?

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[FONT=Courier New][SIZE=3]rekebisa osungu.dll[/SIZE][/FONT]

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Whatever name they give it, watu wa mguu watapiga mguu, wa magari wata cruise, wa boda boda wata ride na team cheki maneno wata glide… My point is, ite never that serious. Life must go on!


Ni ujinga ni

Sijasikia mkilalamika about Sonko rd in Buruburu. Anyway naming a road is not the most important issue in this country.

Very true we have many problems should be trying to solve…lakini you cannot compare fidel to sonko…sonko actually has done abit for wananchi irregardless of where he gets his money from…hata muhoho kenyarra niliona ali “donate” vitu kadhaa to some hospital…fidel on the other hand was in the news for all the wrong reasons hadi kwa kifo…
Hii watu wanaenda demonstration na hata maji nyumbani hawana


Oranges and apples bro. This is like renaming Jogoo road or ngong road. If it was a street in kisum or kibra where the hero and his son are well known it couldn’t be an issue. What do you think the millionaires of nyali think of this?


The only thing that made the road named after Fidel is he comes from a prominent family otherwise there are more deserving heroes (not necessarily politicians) that should have been recognized.


What did Jakaya Kiwete do in Nairobi to deserve milimani road to be renamed in his honour?

I love baba for giving us 411.

He has made us aware that the Street lighting program was an initiative by World Bank and Joho

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