@Okiya was right..... Loans to be priced using the KBRR!

@Okiya for president!


Respect to Okiya Omutata…The one man Army

Why is our own @Okiya silent on this issue?

This is some good-news to start the day with…

I shared my views 2 weeks ago


Kenya is indeed promising! Why don’t we put such people(akina Okiya) in leadership positions where they can really make a difference?
Imagine if Moi signed the Donde bill back then, what impact would it have made in this country?

VIVA Ukenyatta!

@Young I have tried to look for this tweet that you are mentioning but sijaipata. I can tell you with authority, that 8.9% and 10.5% is the elephant in the room. I doubt they could have resolved it that fast

They have withdrawn the tweet. As it is now, 14.5% it is. But I still insist that it should be 12.9%


I’ve just received that from a whatsup group I’m in, I think it’s authentic but I will update it once I confirm from “telekram” ya MM

are they serious??
@Okiya anafaa kuweka number ya Mpesa, I will support his fight to see the banks use KBRR to price their loans.

That’s their official twitter page.

@Okiya aweke no. yake hapa… Hawa ndio watu tunataka kwa government.

Watu kama hao in real life wanakaa joker ukimwona hautaamini yeye ndiye huchambua biashara huku

Unasema nakaa joker?:mad:

Hehehe sio joker wa Batman ama Suicide Squad

Hapo kwa deposit rate mtu afafanue tafasari…does that mean my money yenye iko kwa bank will earn an interest of 7.35%/6.23%?
@Okiya @Young

Yenye iko on a savings account of course

Tofauti ya KBRR na CBR ni nini?

Aksing for a layman friend

This important thread was de

I did ask the same yesterday for a friend but this important issue had the thread derailed