Okiya Omtatah Analysis

This gentleman makes very interesting remarks and observations of the polling data …

Madam Cherera had a point …
The election was cooked and the the results are opaque …

The learned Judges would do well to Interrogate this matter further …:D:D


Nonsense. Bondo is real. Even USA has issued travel advisory to Kisumu on Monday

I bet you are one of those silly nyamakima type businessmen who still believe Kikuyu is God’s chosen tribe. Very shallow thinkers I must say…

This woman shereere has no clear point. If they were cooked, how? Any evidence that they tallied results and arrived at a different figure than shebqati? NO.

Maliza hiyo ghaseer,maliza low IQ,maliza suppliers wa fake electronic products

Kikuyu is God’s chosen tribe

Or Satan chosen thieves . Either can be true

Muthoniwa hujasema poa hapo. You know we are in-laws

Kuna kadem kalikua kanaitwa njeri nilikua natomba kitaabo ,though watery hio coomer ilikua tamu sana

A healthy coomer should be sufficiently lubricated