Okiya Njoo Haraka uone hii

Immediate former National Bank of Kenya CEO Munir Ahmed was Thursday night arrested at the JKIA as he tried to flee the country.

Ahmed who was sacked in April from the bank over claims of financial malpractices will be arraigned in court Friday morning to face fraud and other charges.

Police said they had been informed Ahmed was fleeing the country and would not return.

He spent Thursday night at Kilimani police station cells as his friends tried to have him released in vain.

Ahmed and five other managers were sacked after the bank made bad losses.

Police said charges against the other managers are also ready and they would soon appear in court.


This is good news. I hope he gets to serve a good long sentence. Meffi yeye

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the courts will give him a bond na atapita route ya UG


After amejaribu kuhepa? That will be the most stupid thing ever.
But you cannot underestimate the incompetence of some people, I remember a certain judge gave bail to terror suspects some time back


This is just stupid. How hard was it to just drive to Kampala and take a flight from there?


hata sio lazima a drive, he can take a bus to Malaba/busia/lwakhakha, alight cross the border on foot ; watu hupita hiyo border hivyo tu bila kusumbuliwa… get another vehicle on the other side to Kampala and Vamoose!

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Bail/bond is a constitutional right to which even suspected child molesters or terrorists are entitled. It is also true that there is a high likelihood that a suspect facing a capital sentence or along jail term if found guilty would flee more readily. Extension of bail/bond for this guy will be difficult - or if it is extended, it will be under very severe terms.

But some times national security should take precedence over constitutional rights


Monkey society,the guy will still manage to run.

Give them an inch and they will take a mile

Veeeeeery Veeeery tricky, with this mad security hired by politicians left, right and center…

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Anahepa akienda wapi? Money sold buy you influence and power.Unaiba mpaka ukipewa bond ya 20M unatoa n go on with life.
I know a saloonist who would spend the whole day in a cell and go to her house in the evening.

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Ashapewa bond

ni kama vile kuna majeraha mazuri…

If some people in Kenya are generally referred to as “Mr Singh” and Someone sold USIU land twice without blinking, why are we hanging Ahmed without a hearing? Should we not start with the real big fish? Is Waiguru free? Kidero? MO1? Pattni? Is Okemo and Gichuru still living in Kenya? What about some chicken we hear sent someone to Jail in Britain but the chicken eaters in Kenya are free because we claim to be “sovereign” so the evidence in Britain does not meet the Kenyan threshhold (yet our whole constitution is a copy of foreign constitutions and we have no homegrown jurisprudence to shout about! except recusals)? Musical Chairs, and these days I care the least to be honest.

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The greatest flaw of 2010 katiba.