@Okiya Ebu Kuja Kidogo...Homa Bay has no evidence of Sh342 million spent in 2014-15

The Homa Bay government and assembly have been flouting the law leading to the possible loss of more than Sh300 million, the Auditor General has said.

In the 2014-15 Homa Bay county audit, the Auditor General cites numerous instances where the law was broken, concluding that the accuracy of spending in the financial statements could not be ascertained.

Auditor General Edward Ouko also cites numerous instances that county management failed to provide documents of spending even where payments had already been made.

Ouko’s report shows that Sh26.4 million in outstanding imprest had been excluded from the statement of assets when the audit was done.

He also says there was an unexplained variance of Sh6.8 million for compensation of employees and an unsupported variance of Sh342.8 million for goods and services.

The Sh342 million includes Sh188.5 million on domestic travel, Sh149 million in “other operating costs”, Sh94.9 million in rental of produce assets and Sh11.3 million in hospitality supplies and services.

The county is also accused of contracting companies that had not been pre-qualified, in clear violation of procurement laws.

The Auditor General further cites the contracting of a non-prequalified company to provide cleaning services at a cost of Sh973,000 per month.

The Homa Bay government could also not provide tender documents, contract agreement or policy documents for the payment of insurance cover services worth Sh8.57 million.

The report shows that Sh578,553 was used to purchase medical supplies for Homa Bay District hospital between March 16 and June 11, 2015 from non-prequalified pharmacists and that there is no proof of delivery.

Another Sh3.7 million was spent on dry ration food from two non-qualified companies but there was also no proof of delivery.

The Auditor General also says that during the 2014-15 finaicial year, Sh5.7 million was paid to two contractors for maintenance of Nyalkinyi-Imbo and Omoya-Pineapple Industry roads but physical verification revealed that nothing had been done.

There was also Sh14.5 million of unauthorised direct expenditure by various health facilities contrary to county government financial regulations.

Ouko also identifies at least two other projects worth more than Sh12 million in which contractors were paid but no work was done.

The county paid Sh4,927,290 for the construction of changing rooms and VIP toilets at Homa Bay stadium.

But audit verification on October 9, 2015 — six months after the supposed handover date of May 1, 2015 — revealed construction was still ongoing.

The county also paid more than Sh8 million for the Ranen Water Pan Project. But physical verification revealed the contractor was not on site.


Wizi mashinani.

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Hizi pesa tutalipa tu na watu wanaishi like there is no tomorrow.

Kenya is an economic crisis waiting to happen.


dim eyes will kill us


devolved corruption

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nyama nyama nyama?


All corrupt people whether in the counties or in the national government should be arrested and made to pay for their sins, so this should not be used as justification for Jubilee people to continue stealing.




[SIZE=6]Kisumu paying ghost workers Sh2.3m monthly, cannot account for Sh405m wages - Auditor General[/SIZE]

Kisumu Governor Jack Ranguma.
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The Kisumu county government could be paying ghost workers Sh2.3 million shillings monthly and cannot account for Sh405 million spent as employees compensation, the 2014-15 report by the Auditor General has revealed.

The report says that in January 2015, all employees were paid through cheques which they collected personally, but that 25 did not pick theirs. The cheques were yet to be collected by September 2015.

The Auditor General concluded that the Kisumu government could be paying that amount to ghost workers every month.

“It is not possible, however, to quantify how much the county government may have lost in total due to missing information in their personal files. Consequently, the propriety of payments of ShSh2,379,315 could not be confirmed,” the report states.

The report also shows that Kisumu county paid Sh3.7 million to 13 officers as extraneous allowance, without approval by the County Public Service Board and the Salaries and Remuneration Commission, contrary to the law.

It says this payment can therefore not be confirmed.

Like many other counties, Kisumu also has major discrepancies in amounts reported and reports generated through IFMIS.

Reports from IFMIS, as compared to the financial statements prepared by the county government, show a variance of Sh2.6 billion, most of it being recurrent expenditure.

“In the circumstances, the accuracy and validity of these financial statements could not be confirmed,” Auditor General Edward Ouko says.

Wewe unawika hapa dim eyes na saa hiyo hawatambui upus kama hiyo. Dim eye, shiny eye, wote wakiwa karibu na public purse strings, watafungua na wajaze acoount zao wewe utawachwa ukiimba dim eye lakini ni sisi wote tunadhulumiwa


Arrested by who?In Kenya it pays to be corrupt


If only kenyans could drop this nonsense of babuon and macho nyanya watu wetu politics just for the sake of a revolution in this country then pick it up afterwards, that would be some form of progress. Unfortunately, the only one that can happen is tribal clashes.


kamua cow-nty,

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Relax people, it’s only corruption when watu ya central are involved, the vanguards of society have spoken, smh


It shocks how you become rational when its your no-latrines people mentioned in corruption…no threats of riots, no calls for resignations, nothing.

  1. Prove my people are the so called no latrines people.

  2. Point me to where I agitated for riots, calls of resignations against the people you support.

  3. Because I don’t support the people you support, does that make me the enemy?

  4. Point me to where I was irrational to people who are not mine? I presume you mean the people you support


Ok, sina proof lakini naonanga ukiwa na ujinga mgumu kuliko diamond…may be its me, so let it pass.

If you have a problem with me because I don’t agree with what you and your people stand for, you can shove it up your ass. You can’t claim to be a proponent for a free forum yet here you are trying to demonise me because you and I don’t agree on the same issues. Wouldn’t you call that petty?! A difference in opinion has become ujinga?! You old fart, are full of fart. I feel like engaging in a facepalm but the force of it may be fatal to me. Aren’t you the same person advocating for the reduction of pettiness? Yet here you are engaging in it? If I don’t feel like kissing and slobbering the arse of the government and jubilee in general like you do, how does that make it ujinga?! Since when did “if you’re not with us you are against us” become a major tenet in society? Since when did presenting counterarguments that don’t read from the same script as you become ujinga?!

That can only happen when we choose to see corruption as it is instead of a tribal affair,the moment we decide to take off our tribal lenses is when we will have made a massive step towards accountability in our country…But as for now tuendelee kuitana shiny eyes na dim eyes like we are used to


Kwani uko na hedhi nini? Si nimesema pengine ni mimi? Haya matusi ya mama mboga ni ya nini?

I did not mean them to be insults, but I’m also not a fan of double standards (hence why I avoid politics), double speak, injustices, and a firm believer of provision of proof. If you want to see change, be the change. I don’t have to agree with every single statement from the schools of thought you ascribe to. That does not mean I am against every single thing you stand for.