Okiya, as you come to Mombasa, I will be in Nairobi


Further to an announcement by the ODM Deputy Party Leader, H. E Hassan Ali Joho, regarding our “10 At 10” celebration scheduled for this Saturday, my directorate wishes to alert our members and by extension the nation at large of our arrangements for the extravaganza.
Tomorrow, the Deputy Party Leader will have an event to flag off 47 ODM branded buses from Mombasa to each of the forty seven counties of the republic. These buses will provide transport to party delegates from all over Kenya to participate in our jamboree.
Moreover, out of their deep belief in the cause, several party supporters have donated personal vehicles totaling 823 in number nationally which will converge in Mombasa. These vehicles will be branded to comb the entire country mobilizing and rallying the people around our 2017 agenda.
Upon the arrival of the Party Leader on Friday, there will be a series of roadshows as what is expected to be thousands of delegates from all over Kenya will assemble to welcome him to the county of ODM’s birth.
Later that Friday evening, the Deputy Party Leader shall host a private reception in honor of the Rt. Hon Raila Odinga and Mama Ida where 450 MCAs, 110 MPs, 18 Senators and at least 10 Governors have confirmed attendance over and above the delegates from all over Kenya. A team of expert bakers have been tasked to prepare a giant cake for guests to commemorate the event.
On Saturday, we will hold a grand convention of the party where a ground-shaking political announcement shall be made. In the evening, there shall be a celebratory procession on Mama Ngina drive where international award-winning music artist Diamond will jet in from the US to entertain guests in what is billed to be an evening to remember not just for Mombasa but Kenyans at large. The night will conclude with a dramatic fireworks display that promises to leave Kenyans breathless.
All aspirants for all positions including MCAs, MPs, Senators and Governors are invited to attend from all over Kenya. Tukutane Mombasa!

Hon Junet Mohamed , MP
Director of Elections and Campaigns,
Orange Democratic Movement,
Wednesday, September 7th 2016.

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I am personally going to ferry 4 ODM bonafide members free of charge in my Toyota Premio (old model) from Nairobi to Mombasa on Friday for the jamboree.


Diamond Si ni WA magufool land?? ?

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Lets see who has better organization this time round… Cord or jubilee… Let the games begin

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Tangaza msimamo, uko pande gani ama uko kwa fence?

Kushindana na ndovu kunya…repeat of the Madaraka Day shenanigans eti parallel rally…PM (primate) behaviour

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Beba mimi, mimi pia ni ford Kenya, NDP, New Kanu, LDP, ODM-K, ODM damu. Mahali babu na baba yake wako, mimi niko!


Mimi nko jap na kamwana na hustler!!

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I am in Nairobi but will be in my house with my high grade alele matawi and a litre of pick and peel fruit juice.

Nairobi will be free of jamingos, I can club hop this weekend in peace

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Hehe hehe

Interesting times