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Everyone here is a self made billionaire and they know nothing about the mobile lending apps. Back to you stunner in the studio

Ignorance.We formed a commision of inquiry which looked deeply into this matter, and came with results confirming the said to be true. Villagers were sternly warned to stay away from that app. So, if you didnt get the memo, now you have

If one has to get a loan I’d recommend kcb mpesa or mshwari. The interest rates are lower and they don’t pressure you as much as those loan apps

This is usury. You might argue that terms and conditions apply, but it’s also morally wrong to take advantage of people in dire financial straits. Read my article on the mobile loans crisis below.


Nice read…weka thread watu waone vizuri

KCB mpesa has the best rates so far…

Guys mtakubali lini mikopo ni za mafala? We have been through this many times before.

Read the fine print before borrowing!!

Sio za mafala. Not everyone has the same financial muscle as you. Its like Elon Musk waking up amd saying if your account has less than 50M wewe ni mijinga.

Are we not the same guys tuki ombwa pesa tunasema waende kwa loan apps ? We cant loan them ? Other guys have no options.

KCB na mshwari wameanza kurollover those loans to the next month immediately your due date arrives, hakuna hata grace period ya one week as before. They realised guys pay and borrow immediately, so a rollover means watakula interest twice when you pay and borrow again. Na hapo ndio hizi mobile loans zikwende uko.

Kwanza kcb has the lowest rate