Ojinga' s Photoshop Degree


Maze ubonobistan kweli…ati translated…:D:D by some Mchawi in Rifer rodi…:D:D…manze Ojinga na indiots wenzake Wawache kubeba wanjiku wana


Hii ni kukosea bonobo heshima…ata ngamia inaona ni bandia…nursery student can do better Photoshop of degree hehe

Please re-read and understand. That is a translation. check out the original. The university has even come out to confirm that Raila indeed studied there and graduated by providing a so-called ‘Bescheinigung’.

I know the guy who did the translation personally. Everyone who has been to Goethe or is in the Kenyan-German circles knows Eliphas. He was the librarian at Goethe for a very long and now works in Munich. Top notch guy with excellent German.
Also if I am not mistaken, official German Documents can only be translated either at the Goethe Institut or at the German Embassy. Uko ignorant yet uko na mdomo baggy sana.

Ata kazi ya dereva wa trailer…you give original sio translated photocopy…wanjiku can translate for themselves…wapi original…translation apeleke Ojinga university…no serious employer would entertain this nonsense

Hizi hekaya ni za Nini…

Preaching to a bonobo won’t make a difference…Facts are that Ojinga has no degree…end of…“Sheria” za ubonoboste only apply to maskini…

The public Raila is seeking employment from is known to be NOT serious.

Sasa unaona ignorance? Official languages in Kenya are English and Swahili. If you want to be a state officer any degree in any other language should be translated to an official language and verified by the CUE commission for university education. Translation of a German degree can only be done at the Goethe Institut or at the German Embassy.

You and your Arap Mashamba were still running naked shitting behind your mothers’ huts then… :D:D:D

Raila Odinga (L) alongside lecturers at the University of Nairobi in 1972. Mzalendo Mzalendo says: ·
Raila Odinga himself is a degree. How do you expect a degree to grade to graduate? Graduating into what now???
His capacity is beyond your university course


I refuse anything planned or offered by uhuru because it is either malicious or faulty.

Raila used to be an assistant, no, not an assistant lecturer


Anyone who has a degree knows that hio ni mbotoshop…kuwa lab assistant via connections ama attending some course in some university does not make you a graduate engineer…

Ojinga indiots mna jokes

UoN alikuwa ameenda kupanga siasa za mwakenya…hakuna engineering anajua kama lab assistant

So he was an Assistant without a degree?.. :stuck_out_tongue:

And You and your Arap Mashamba were still running naked shitting behind your mothers’ huts then… :D:D


You need to be euthanized before you procreate and infect the rest of the population. In the horribly unfortunate event that you already have offspring then all of you need to be rounded up and taken to a “re-education” facility

Is it a degree or welding certificate?

A diplom is equivalent to a masters degree.

Kama tunaita hii University of Welding. UoN ya Miguna Miguna tutaita nini? Village Polytechnic?





Read the truth here:

Raila is listed as top 100 most notable alumni of Leipzig University


Like your bone head.

He will never get employed by Kenyans.

Kuwa alumni does not mean you have a degree…hizi Ojinga dimwits are irredeemable…but wanjiku and the law do see the facts clearly…hizi hekaya amezoea kupatiana kibera tsk…ubonoboste utaisha lini