Oil rich Norway goes 80% electric vehicles

In Norway oil is cheap, gas is cheap, electricity is dirt cheap.

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And watu hapa husema EVs and Hybrid is a no no?
Well that’s the writing right there on the wall.

ICE vehicles will be extinct soon. Just like those horse drawn carriages of the early 1900s


they are not dying a natural death but by instructions from above. we are not movies to EVs voluntarily


Only 6% of US cars are electric. EVs are not popular.

Norway mtoto anazaliwagwa akiwa na savings equivalent to Ksh 33 Million kwa NSSF yake


Hapa Kenya mtoto anazaliwa akiwa na deni la Ksh 112,000 owed to China, Sodom, EU, IMF, WB and others


We should embrace the Technology and Trust the Science …

In the next 15-30 years , cheap , environment friendly , compact , high power batteries will lead to a dramatic increase and use of EV’s.

Fossil Fuels , like Steam Engines , will soon be past history…:blush:


Norway has a sovereign fund worth nearly 2 trillion dollars in appreciating assets.

For the foolish, they have over 200 trillion shillings in liquidity, or close to our combined budget for the next 100 years, and our our annual output as a whole country for the next 200+ years. They will never go broke for the next 10 generations to come.

They have zero corruption and a high quality literacy of nearly 100%. Kenya is dirt poooorr we are pooor uneducated negros. And the educated have LOW QUALITY EDUCATION.

Meanwhile in Kenya, the main source of politics is “hawa wakikuyu wako kila mahali na ni wengi sana”

Our main problem is we are puuuuuuuwaaaa and stupid and illiterate. Comparison to Norway makes zero sense

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Norway , Switzerland, Holland, Sweden, Finland were like Paradise in the 1990s and early 2000s. Some of them have had the standard of life drop by a few points due to immigrants but still Norway is Paradise on earth compared to shithole Kenya

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They’re still paradise because they have moneeeeyyyyy. We are pooor and a shithole because we are puuuuuwaaaa

Material to make batteries for Evs will come from where? Congo?


Let us FIRST begin with a Science and Enginieering Quiz

How many materials , processes and technology do you know of that can be used for large scale , efficient , affordable , manufacture of Batteries …?? :blush:

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Bonobo, do you really know what you are talking about? Where would you rather live, in a deep freezer that is Norway for half of the year ie 6 months october - march or in kenya? For me kenya is paradise.


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The exception (Norway) proves the rule (the rest of the sane world). EVs are old abandoned tech like horse-drawn carriages. Battery technology hasn’t changed in 50 years and will not change any time soon (unless zero-point enery tech exists and is released for public use).

‘Trusting in science’ is a fools errand, much like religions ask people to trust in them. Science needs to produce proof, not seeking for trust. Barring a radical shift in the world’s energy production tech, oil will still rule the future.

EVs ni uongo. The world can have a balance of few EVs and many ICE vehicles. Unless a new electric energy source is discovered and the infrastructure laid out really fast, EVs will not be a practical or viable solution.

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