Oil Ownership

The Rich Soils of Muranga belong to Muranga.
The Sand beaches of Coast belong to the owners.
The fish of lake Victoria belong to the fishermen.
But the only inheritance of the Turkana’s, their wind, belongs to the National Grid.
Their oil belongs to the state, nyama yao ilikuliwa mombasa Juzi, no turkana was allowed near the table in mombasa.

We own the oil as Kenyans

no. we don’t, you will discover that with time

The white man owns the oil?

we own nothing trust me ,

the white man and his local representatives

Only rasta can liberate the people

but our people will benefit through jobs…water projects (to bribe the locals), new classrooms…

True, real progress is knowing Rasta, His Imperial Majesty

Kenya oh Kenya… What do we do we with this country?

You know where the oil is si meunde muchote muuze

Star Nduru Recommend mrasta atatuokoa

Haile selassie Jah Rastafari

It’s funny how the contract contents with the foreign companies are hidden from public view. Someone needs to approach the courts for a release. @Okiya.

Mineral rights should have been discussed in the new Constitution but ALL the politicians wouldn’t allow because they wanted to eat:mad:

huyu kazi yake ni gani exactly?

Waturkana wakileta Fujo tutawasha hiyo mafuta Moto ichomeke yote!

Kenya, is not the United States. If they found oil and gas under your bed in the kingdom of Norway, you and your jiranis will be shipped somewhere else without compensation because the law says so. You can appeal but you should never expect to win such a case against sirikal.