Oil marketers move to court to stop Kenya's plan to import fuel on credit from UAE


Oil marketers have moved to court to stop the government from a plan to import fuel on credit from the United Arab Emirates in a government-to-government deal to ease pressure on dollar demand.

The dealers through their lawyer Ndegwa Njiru say the plan by the government to pick a local oil marketer breaches the Open Tender System where marketers competitively bid for tenders. The oil firms allege there was no public participation and stakeholder consultation before the gazettement of the Petroleum (Importation) Regulations, 2023, thus breaching the Constitution.

The imports, which will come through a credit of six months and a year, are expected to ease a crisis in the foreign exchange market given that oil shipments account for 28 percent of Kenya’s monthly imports.

Sources familiar with the matter say Adnoc — the State-owned oil company of the UAE — will be supplying the fuel.

Interesting times


Wacha tuombee mvua kwanza. Next Sunday tutaombea dollars.:rolleyes::rolleyes:. How do we find ourselves with some cunts?

Hii ni kama vile baba ya @miritiandes alipoteza mbegu ya ovacado kwa mkia akitoka kawangware kulewa

It’s incomprehensible.

The court lacks jurisdiction…summary dismissal…deal is made abroad…it is so ordered

Doesnt matter…but this is a cunt govt! Zero ideas on how to run a nation. MMoja experience ako nayo ni kuuza kuku na mwingine ni kuuza relief food.

Sheria huelewi boss…that will be the ruling…u can’t sue Kenya in 254 for a deal made in Moscow with China…Jurisdiction iko only one place…that starts with M in this example…

I can’t sue you in Kenya for a deal you made in Somalia with an Ethiopian…you get? Bila jurisdiction ni end of…

the issue is not the importation and the deal abroad

it is about the appointment of a local oil marketer to handle the imports and sell to the others

Ati pick a local marketer! Really JSKS, this is how you want to give STABEX business?

That’s not clear to me… cartels kifo is ok too…it just lacks legal framework

Wakati ya Moi, Biwott was energy minister, and he bought KenolKobil and gave it the exclusive tender to import fuel. The company became an untouchable cartel then. Hii students ya Moi want to replicate that so that they can also become billionaire oil barons.

If the local distributor is national oil sioni shida,unless National Oil was auctioned.

Congradulations DAVID Ndii,atleast here you have actualized something.

Sasa shika makende ya private power generators.And dont forget the reform agenda.

why do people create businesses that thrive on acting as a shylock?if bypassed they crumble?

I am not an expert on matters legal and it is impossible for me to engage you due to my shortcoming on that end. However, I am hhappy that you agree with me that hii serikali ni ya ma-cunts.

oil ya turkana ilienda wapi wadao.

Cartels are fighting back

dalbit,E3 and stabex will be the new king pins wakitumia national oil as main importer.
open tender system was introduced to give fairness to all oil marketers while bidding to export fuels .There is no sin in gova looking for best alternative abroad less costly fuel and therefore use national oil as the only importer and then sell to fuel marketers.
This will lower prices of fuel and its win win situation to wanjiku

Criteria for picking a shipper according to the law?

Like I said, someone wants to match the financial muscle of the Kenyatta, moi and odinga within a span of 5yrs.
Wealthy people value class more than tribe or anything. Uhuru Kenyatta is more comfortable associating with Gedion moi than with rigathi gashagua.