Oil Economics;Will it be a curse?

Middle East Countries almost all of them have a 90% literacy level but when it comes to Africa very opposite hope the Turkana fields won’t be a curse but a change tool in Kenya I would be happy seeing kids in Turkana having this kind of life


It will depend with how all is managed…its either Nigerian way or Norwegian way.


Nigeria is ferked up. Was reading how a guy was lamenting that States in Nigeria would rather wait for their share of the oil revenue than collect local taxes.

When politicians start being involved in the process, its starts heading towards a curse. Oil production and revenue should be nothing but a purely government economic function comparible to government collecting taxes and allocating resources. The only political step is making the laws of how the collections will be split.

UAE Economy isn’t dependent on Oil its how we manage the resource to grow other sectors and being independent from oil but Tullow Oil are already thinking of backing their bags

Low global oil prices are affecting Tullows decisions. Plus they are thinking about the amount of proven reserves- maybe not good enough for their liking. Just because you have oil doesnt mean it is present in very large quantities.

A curse. Govt trying to measure dicks with opposition will sell out to China. like BP in Nigeria. African leaders never learn.

We had this extensive talk here ;


It will ALL be stolen -If it’s not been stolen already.
And a large section of Kenyans will defend the theft because it’s their tribesman doing the stealing.

Pale nilijua kuna maneno wakati Uhuru aliita mtu shindwe pepo nyeusi. Unfortunately, the way things are looking up, we might not enjoy the luxury of having oil reserves for the next 3 or 4 decades. New and efficient sources of energy being discovered every day. Vijana hawalali pale ‘the western block’. Sisi wacha tuendelee kukuza mihogo!

The properties where they do the drilling were sold using transactions guided by Wetangulas law firm and the likes to foreign entities a long time ago.

And oil prices will not be high any more. Many more countries are now in the supply chain driving global prices down.


But reallly, I tried talking baout this some time ago. I told a few die-hard fans that conflict in Kenya does not really depend on how Luo/ Kikuyus wake up feeling about Luos/ Kikuyus. I mentioned that Turkanas can wake up feeling less philanthropic about letting other people ride on a resource that comes from their land. Now we have Turkanas starting to act aggressive about oil. Your shallow mind talker still thinks Unye was right in bombarding Turkanas with abuses about his lack of power n influencing how much of the oil revenue Turkana gets. Sasa wacha tuanze kula huo ujeuri. We think in a very shallow way. We think about Nairobi and its periphery as the points that control Kenya. Well, not so much. Let us all now revel in how much other regions are equally powerful. We have all heard about how much Turkanas and other guys are blocking Tullow from moving the oil fromTurkana to Mombasa. Sasa wacha tuanze zile kelele za kila siku. Now we cannot throw the usual abuses we like. Oooooohhh, Turkanas are poor and cannot farm to keep at bay the hunger and famine, for a good measure of our ignorance. We should now bask in the ignorance we have always spewed here. A good thing is that over a long period, we have started regarding the rest of Kenya as equally important. I want all of us to learn from this… That we can always look down upon other regions as contributing very little to our GDP, but be graceful enough to extend the goodness from our collective resources. Wacha ningoje mawe sasa. There’s that cabal of talkers that always think others are lesser beings. Kuleni huo ujeuri na upumbavu, kumbavu. #iOut.

True Turkana and the likes were intentionally marginalized. But I think the government can come to an agreement diplomatically with its people about a fair revenue sharing. The people blocking Tullow oil from operations are not ordinary Wananchi per say, but are people commissioned by local leaders. Those leaders dont care about the local. Just looking to enrich themselves. Even if the government gave the Turkana 100% revenue, you will be stunned to come back and find 10 years later, the locals languishing in poverty and no meaningful development. And the area polluted with oil waste.

Similar story with the wind farm


this are not people commissioned by local leaders . Kenya is being prepared, we are going Nigeria way very soon, just wait for the first gunshots ndo mtajua hamjui,

Hopefully not we don’t need such .

The status quo will always be maintained. Nairobi will always gain more from whatever resource is discovered in this country. A few years back the samburu were given millions of shillings (per person) in compensation by the British government for losing limbs to british bombs. What happened? They pissed the money in record time. Now I’m sure some spent their fortune well, but others (most?) spent it on whores and alcohol.
The Turkanas with their primitive way of life (yes, I said primitive, shoot me) simply cannot handle such kind of money. Their leaders will claim to create a special community fund for them, then end up siphoning all of it away. And you know who these leaders will contract to help them steal? Nairobi based brokers. So one way or the other, Nairobi will benefit more.
Let them start with 5%, if they do a good job of managing those funds, then the % can be increased to 10, 20, even 50%. It’s not like the law is cast in stone.

How many counties here have improved local tax collection? I know of Kiambu and Nairobi.

Most kila siku ni kulaumu Central gavament eti they want 45% of national collections…