Oil change

Somebody to update us with new service centers. I need to change my oil before the year gets old and I don’t want to go to the regular places, Gill house, Dev towers, Lazarus, Care GH, liddos, Salama hotel, VIP GH, Danika Lodge. We need new places new booty!

What kind of car do you have

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Enda Shell service centre nearest to you.

Car - Jinga.

Huyu mutu ni shonde kweli

The reason why I said that is :I encourage my friends to get to get to know their cars. If it’s complicated car like Merc ,I’ll tell you usijaribu …pelekea dealer…but if you have a simple Toyota, go buy oil, and filter and do it yourself. That way you will bond with your car na hutadanganywa na mechanics.

But if something as simple as oil change unataka mtu akufanyie, baasi hapo ndio utaambiwa thermostat imeharibika , lower horse pipe is leaking blablabla but in real sense they aren’t.

You will see fellas here talking about oil change kumbe they have Piaggio Scooters, ni watu wa nduthi

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@Abba be merciful msee…this is flying over so many heads right now given the kind of service stations the OP mentioned…

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True, oil change is purely dependent on how ample your budget is, type of vehicle and services offered in the areas beside the ones he mentioned.
Tricky business. :smiley:

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