Ohh No

Witeithie residents viewing a foetus of girl found dumped at refuse site on a local street. The foetus head had been smashed. The nude body was in a carton. Police yet to collect it.

Na hao wameenda hapo na watoi kuwaonyesha nini?

The amount of evilness in Kenya is scary. Rest in peace

That place was just an open filed juzi tu.


Ile maneno hutendeka hio Witeithie… No wonder the name

a hell hole

Yes, in 80s

Kunguru imeamua haitaki kuwa singo matha…

Now what made the one who did that even crush it’s head…!!! Jeso!

Even 15 years ago the houses were scattered.

Nilipitia huko mguu hadi kiandutu looking for changaa, many years ago ! only giraffes were roaming the empty fields.

i suspect the other was among the onlookers…