Oh no! crippling Chinese debt. Our new overlords.

As we continue our monthly assault against the Chinese in Kenya to please our Western masters. Ethiopia has steadily remained focused and has continued to benefit from Chinese investments. They’re at least close to 100 industrial scale manufacturing projects happening in Ethiopia from new massive steel production factories, massive sugar factories, massive textile factories, new car factories producing tires, and car spare parts etc., pharmaceutical factories and laboratories that will be supplying and creating drugs needed across Africa and the world, modern-day leather factories for shoes, handbags, furniture etc., and many more projects.

Here in Kenya guys still rave about EPZ like its 1990.

[SIZE=5]Sansheng Pharmaceutical [/SIZE][SIZE=2](Remember this name they’ll be supplying all types of drugs to Kenya in a few years)[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2] https://i.imgur.com/TY6oTKI.jpg[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2] https://i.imgur.com/s2hhcXk.jpg[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2] https://i.imgur.com/0vn99SX.jpg[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2] https://i.imgur.com/ndbCt3v.jpg[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Lifan Automotive factory Ethiopia.[/SIZE]





[SIZE=5] [/SIZE]

sisi kwishao_O:confused:

Sio story na sisi. Ethiopia is slowly becoming opened up so it presents another market opportunity for the Chinese. Nothing more

Pretender. Si wewe ndiye juzi you wanted us to take the american loan of 450B to build the Betchel Mombasa road claiming that our GDP can support it? Suddenly leo loans are crippling

Kweli tuko nyuma

The more they open up the greater market access they have across the globe.

Just this year Ethiopia’s textile market to the States increased from $13million dollars to $30million. That’s 126% increase if it keeps growing that fast in 2 to 3 years time they’ll catch us.


I said Kenya is rich. Too much wastage.

The betchel loan is dumb I’d rather we float an international tender as the experts requested.

Shida ya Kenya is we have highly educated bureaucrats who have E grade decision making skills. That’s why we will not be industrialized at anytime soon. Kudos to Ethiopians wameanza kuona mbele.

We pride ourselves that we are biggest economy in East Africa but in the real sense its just an illusion.With time the other countries will catch up and we Will be the laughing stock.

Correction, we have highly educated bureaucrats on paper but zero creativity

What’s helping Ethiopia is cheap labor…

ETHIOPIA’s minimum wage per MONTH - $.18 - $. 21

KENYA’s minimum wage per HOUR - $. 1

(if somehow we took up all the street families / criples and disabled… Take up half the slum dwellers in Nairobi and other cities … Wapelekwe huko turkana… Then govt to talk to the Chinese to open up industrial parks / manufacturing plants there… Then use Ethiopia’s minimum wage model… Tunaweza kua tume sort story ya employment… Then we look for export markets for our wares… Kwisha maneno)

the biggest problem is that we are a nation of lamenters. eternal pessimists always looking for someone to blame for our own failings.

but why @Morty Tuumbo why do the Ethiopians run away from such excellent development? Dying in the high seas as food for sharks. Wengine kila wiki wanashikwa hapa Kenya some enroute to S.A. Jiulizage hizi swali. Some in Israeli detainment shouting afadhali mtuuwe lakini haturudi huko!

But mzee, who are the policy makers, it’s our leaders who are tumbocrats who most of them are visionless.With devolution, we should be very far. At the end of the day, the buck stops with someone and so the blame. Populace are just subjects

Same problems that plague many African nations. Why did you flee to America?

30 years ago Ethiopians were dying live on CNN because of hunger, they have completely changed their economy and are fast moving forward.

The political climate has greatly improved and people are hopeful for the country’s future.

What of a young African Kenyan man who is making poultry/egg incubators locally… he is not lamenting or pessimistic. He is even brought on TV to advertise his products and he finishes by saying, “kama kuna vile President wetu tunaye mpenda anaweza nisaidia ni expand hii biashara ndio nifikie wakulima wengine na nipatie vijana wengine kazi naweza shukuru sana!”

Uhuru is watching the young man in state house but guess what, he smiles and ignores the chap! He says there’s no money there’s no way he can help that citizen or such citizens . Meanwhile he proceeds to pump in more billions into the plundered NYS scheme…

Hio ndio uongozi mwema surely? Na unaona vile vijana wanawika shida kila mahali.

Wanakulilia, walikupigia kura, you won’t even at least block Chinese cheap egg incubators from flooding the market so the young Kenyan man can at least thrive!

To add insult to injury the same president even goes to China to tell them, “kujeni hata mtengeneze hio incubator hapa Nairobi, I have the land ready and I will foot half the bill for factory construction muanze kazi! And sell your products in Kenya!”

Chinese hawana makosa… huyo shaitani ndio anauza nchi!!!

But you are right when you say we have failings. We the sheep know these truths but still foolishly elect these men and keep them on their thrones.

Ethiopia is attractive because of its high population of unskilled labour. Very cheap salaries.
There is nothing Kenya can do on this regard.

And in any case, those factories are being opened in designated areas. Their version of EPZ with favourable terms.

Cheap labour my ass, tuwachane ata na export why don’t we start with satisfying our internal market kwanza with the things we can, so that atleast we have more people on minimum wage atleast. Kitu kama sugar why the fuck do we import when we have acres and acres of fertile land, vegetable oil and so many other commodities can be made locally which equals to more jobs. We must start with simple things as we graduate to more complex manufacturing. But what we have in this country is a bunch of clueless bimbos in the name of policy makers.

Hahaaaaa hizi ndibet hua poa sana Mimi hupitia tu nikinyonya taxsin

@patco you must be more positive. If uhuru gives that man help with his incubator when will he learn how to hustle