Oh My Gosh. PATCO IS BACK!!!!!!!!!?????????

This is unbelievable. So the famous Patrick Kinuthia Wanjiru ( @patco ) is back on Kenyatalk. Remember he was banned for posting photographs of his feces on my threads? Remember Winston Janyando Miguna (@WIGSPLITTA) was also banned because it was suspected that it was Kinuthia’s secondary account??

Here comes the shocking part.

[SIZE=7]The conspiracy[/SIZE]

Before @patco Kinuthia was banned he was seriously feuding with @WIGSPLITTA Miguna. Miguna threatened to expose Kinuthias identity which made Kinuthia very nervous. so Kinuthia hatched a plan along his muratina drinking buddy Elvis Macharia Njeri (@Electronics4u) to get rid of @WIGSPLITTA.

Ask yourself why @patco is back and @WIGSPLITTA is still banned? mmmmhmhmmmmm… if they were the same people wouldnt both accounts been reinstated???

kenyatalk has an owner. and his initials are P.K.W.

so-called moderators and admins are simply his tea boys.

The real owner of ktalk and klist is one Cortedivoire who disguises as a broke hoodlum.

Welcome back @patco

Rafiki yako @slevyn na @Sambamba waliongea mbaya sana kukuhusu m you need to put them in line.

i doubt.

Hooligan @cortedivore is a mere vagabond based in Roysambu, without fortune, without family connections, ignorant even of grammar.

The REAL owner of Kenyatalk is a msapere gentleman based in the Seattle slums. His initials are P.K.W; Husband to Wahome, father to Ngatia and Mucheru.

So he is gay?

yes both @cortedivore and @patco are proud members of the LGBTQ community

owner wa senyetalk ni msee anaitwa martin
ukiend kwa records za senyetalk, iko registerd na email yake

but maybe ni fake name

Dog @cortedivoire licks butts with relish and later pays Kshs 150/=.

Umafwi thread

@cortedivoire ni bibi ya @Micymas , two stupid homosexuals

Woooooooooow thats so unfair babe @Electronics4u

how do u bring back @patco and keep @WIGSPLITTA banned are you that biased?

Truman capote owns kenyatalk …

Ama wacha tu

This is a gày thread …

enda ongea bedroom matters with your low IQ boyfriend huko------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------>>>>>>>>>>


Where is this @patco?

[SIZE=5]Ebu jitokezee jionyeshe simama mbele ya watuuuuu[/SIZE]