Ogopa mwanamke

I’ve had a come we stay relationship na mtoto wa mtu for almost six months now, enjoying the fruits of my labour. She loves me and I love her too. Like any other relationship is bound to have issues, of late tumesumbuana kiasi and after a few slaps here and there the lass left without a word and I never bothered following her, never called.

Now yesterday, I came back home early kuingia kwa gate the caretaker tells me, two guys where there asking for me. They said they would be back. I proceed to my house and a couple of hours later there is a knock on the door. I check out and it’s the girl and two guys who she introduces as her brothers. They had come to find out what happened, seems their sister had fed them a lot of lies. From their talking they had come to fight and being one not to be intimidated I was ready to go the whole nine yard. The situation escalated quickly with the girl getting too emotional and breaking one of my phones.

I threw her out of the house without hesitation and one of the brothers decided to hit me. All hell broke loose. I had observed them during the brief time we were seated and told myself if they decided to pull a fast one on me they would be in for a rude shock. I threw both of them out and a fight broke out. I comfortably held my fort, knocking both of them out cold. By then a few neighbours were already out and wale wajuaji tried some first aid crap and the chaps woke up from their blows induced sleep and after a short while left with the sister. This morning, I left the house mapema kiasi to go to church then shughuli kadhaa. I received a call from the caretaker saying cops came looking for me after I had left. Don’t know what awaits me.

A stupid woman can fuck up your life. Take care

You did not deal with this properly.

You should have reported the matter to the police and gone with the caretaker as a witness.

Why did you let them in if you perceived them as a threat??

Wewe ni fala. You should have gone to the police first thing in the morning. Ata saa hii enda police station ingine na huyo caretaker wako mpige report yenu independent. Let it stink. And take the broken phone as evidence

umekaa na kunguru miezi sita kwa nyumba. angekuja na wazee ama ni brothers wake? utakaa chini na vijana uongee na wao nini kuhusu ndoa? unajua kwao? anajua ulikuwa mercenary Iraq na Afghanistan? Atakuitania aseme ulitaka kumuua. kaa mbali na io malaya otherwise utaregret mwenyewe.

Kesho make sure umechukua p3 juu pia labda wamechukua yao. @administrator tunakujua. :D:D:D:D:D

hama usiku… police assault case you will bleed money

Claim they attacked you in your house

ungeplay smart…wacha wakuchape(with damage control from ur end)…fika kwa karao sue for damages in millions…like tht guy who seen in video being whipped by chinku boss…he got a settlement of ksh3m…if he had fought back i doubt angepata hyo doo

Fuk buda run as fast as u can…mm kuna dem tulikua tumafanya biz naye alinichukulia p3 ma ata sikumshika…akahonga makarau na ikawa serius though ilikua crystal i wasnt on the wrong


Follow elders advise, chukua p3, enda a different police station( though their reporting time is earlier), then report robbery with violence in your house committed by 2 strange goons.( present broken phone as evidence of struggle).

Assume the woman came later after you have defended yourself.

Ulitoa ngapi?

Elfu tano bana

That’s not much. Kwenda kortini ni kifungo ya miaka kadhaa

:D:D:D…saitan!! hii ni kama ile ya lightskin kupiga 7 Soldiers. Never happened.

piga reporti , gather witnesses huyo mdemu atakugeuzia live live

@Azor Ahai alipiga KDF saba wa pale kahawa barracks juu waliangalia dem yake