Ogopa madem wa "exhibition" hapa CBD

Our guy has been trying to install CCTV cameras for his chiquitta’s stall in one of the busy streets hapo CBD…this is because petty theft is rampant juu ni place iko na tustall twingi tudogo…Girl has been fighting that story like kitu ingine…She says it will be an unnecessary cost…Dude even tries to convince her that one of our boys is an IT guy and can fix it at zero cost na internet ya kila mwezi si expensive…
Tumwambie kwanini CCTV inakataliwa ama tutampandisha blood pressure bure?

Below here is just a random photo…completely unrelated to anything


Imesemwa again and again mtu asiingilie mambo ya couples yenye hayamhusu…

maybe she has a ‘work husband’ and this is highly likely …or she indulges in some funny business , these stall people are usually very idle before customer akuje … any shop owner would die to have CCTV ata kama duka iko nyuma ya timbuktu…

Cheza chini :D:D:D


so obvious…and ofcourse cameras would jeopardize that.why the fool cant see that ,am yet to understand

Umepanda miwa kando ya barabara na bado wataka kuiwekea camera isiibiwe, fiti

Those stalls (especially boutiques) are daytime mini brothels…especially hizo ziko off Tom Mboya street…

Tell us more please

Anataka kuona vile hiyo stall huwa hazifunguliwi hata. Kunguru inaingia Kama imeenda Eureka

This is pure imagination

Advise that nigga to put a mini camera first, one that cant be noticed either on the bulb or a corner of the stall where that bitch wont suspect and let him see it for hinself…ultimately her refusal behaviour rises up more questions than answers!!

Stalls nyingi hapo Mfangano ziko empty. Landlords wanaumia.

she is rarely at the counter. the counter is a disguise

Wapi nikachukue moja

Hizo buildings ziko karibu KNUT House.

Wot an idiot. Vitu zingine husemi you just do koz ata ukimwmabia na hachangii ata shilingi. Anyway anacheswo


Rent Ni how much

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck…

Depends on the location but nyingi hawadai goodwill.