Ogopa Hustlers, Nyakundi ni Moto

A local bank at the centre of a defamation row with controversial blogger Cyprian Nyakundi has hired a top British law firm currently representing Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle to tackle the case.

In a statement published in local dailies, Victoria Commercial Bank (VCB) says it has enlisted the services of London-based Schillings, renowned for reputation management and defamation issues, in its case against Mr Nyakundi.

Schillings is currently representing the royal couple in their suit against British tabloid newspaper Mail on Sunday after it published a private letter she wrote to her father last year.

What are they hidding that they were willing to part with 17m…the old adage about a pig and mud comes to mind.

This case will attract the attention of the DCI na hapo iyo bank itachunguzwa

Like somebody else asked, isn’t it cheaper to just assassinate him? Ama nyakundi has watched enough movies that he told them that should anything happen to him all the evidence he has will be released by somebody?
This is getting very interesting

Nyakundi is a gun for hire. If you assassinate Nyakundi, the real enemy will hire another gun elsewhere. Nyakundi is just a tool, the real people fighting that bank are faceless

Yes I believe so. He’s not an investigative journalist and usually relies on disgruntled customers and former employees and insiders to feed him the intel.