Ogopa BMW Sana


Inashika moto fuaaaa si hata heri ikae kwa natural enviroment yake kwa truck bed

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Most likely the fire could have been arrested if the driver had access to a fire extinguisher, since the car didn’t just blow up. My little knowledge tells me a small fire started and grew into the flame we see, driver being too posh to collect soil with bare hands and handle it like a man. Also, Kenyans tulisema First aid kit na Fire extinguisher ni ya kuonyesha karao sio ya kazi ingine sindio. Random fires are a preserve of the Mercedes Benz, BMWs are just renowned not to work almost all the time


They have a wiring issue. If you own one tafuta a BMW specialist mech aku sort. Ni kazi kidogo tu


Watching your millions burst into flames. Hopefully insurance will cover.

Kama ako 3rd party aanze scratch kurudi soko

Surely why come up with such a sweeping generalisation. How many BMWs have caught fire in kenya recently? I would have agreed with you if you had said the same about Ford,especially Ford escape who recently recalled almost 200k vehicles due to fire hazards

hopefully kama alikuwa na comprehensive insurance. kama hakuwa nayo he is fucked.