Oginde to chair EACC

David Oginde, former presiding bishop of CITAM, nominated by President Ruto as chair of EACC; his name forwarded to the National Assembly for consideration.

Oginde has traits of being a sycophant: Bad choice.

Eacc ni lazima iongozwe na mtu wa kanisa?

The. Church is biased in Kenya, the Azimio side is highly discriminated and excluded, from the Kenyan " church" so this post best to go to a nuetral soul

A religious society is a society of hypocrites. Religion is directly proportional to high corruption, inequality, and poverty. Not to cast doubt on Oginde’s qualification, but really, there are many people who can lead such a vital organ other than a ‘religious man’.

Hapo sawa nabii. Tuko nyuma ya Bishop hadi mwisho … a good friend and spiritual mentor to the family. Hii serikali ya nabii si mbaya sana …

The office requires nothing else if one wants to remain there, but for Ogunde I know he doesn’t hold back his voice. He once told Raila to stop his tribal diatribe that hurts youths especially Luo youths


If someone really believes the govt should use use taxpayers money to organize national prayers for the rain, then hapa hatuna mutu…

Nonsense. He checked and saw Raila was on the side of unbuttered slice

Mnaongea ni kama kuna kazi EACC hufanya. Just another useless toothless organisation where people collect fat salaries and allowances for doing nothing.

EACC is like AG and DPP and IG offices, one can not be appointed to head those offices unless the appointing authority is confident you can be compromised to do the “right” thing

Oginde ni jamaa mzuri. hana mambo mingi

Kama Kenya Space Agency na Kenya Nuclear Agency

Corruption is a crime, which should be dealt with by our law enforcement agencies. Hii mambo ingine ya EACC huwa sielewe huwa ya nini ?

Acha tuone kama powerful MoG will sray corruption cartel

A toothless agency with directors eating a free salary

Rustler kuja inbox nikupee number ya presiding bishop wa citam carlisto Odede. A prayer warrior atakuombea hio Tamaa ya mifugo za wenyewe iishe kapsar.

Hapa mdau umenimaliza kapsaa …:D:D

The main reason one is appointed to that office is to let “vitu zikae hivo hivo”. I e not to rock the boat…fighting cartels is fighting a system which the president is the head of…it can’t work

True. Very good guy. That office is toxic and might mar his reputation, I don’t know why he applied