Offsite Data backups

I would like to have opinions on the best service provider to provide offsite data backup (cloud based) in terms of cost involved and security plans. Thank you

dropbox, Amazon drive, Box cloud, Google Drive, Onedrive

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i have about 35 GBand the db growth is about 600 MB daily am loking for Service provider to offer full data backup offsite


Drop box or one drive

I can reseller to you 50GB for 35k billed annually and it offers incremental backup and can be scheduled to backup daily (or multiple times daily) or weekly.
I am sure you want a backup that will give you an option to restore your db to a specific day if things go wrong.Most of the other backup ‘‘spaces’’ are just that .They will replace your file with the new one meaning if today’s db is corrupted and it gets backed up it replace yesterdays good file.

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