Offisi ya Rais

What you see is what you get. They don’t pretend. They never took their kids to mzungu schools. They have no interest in properties and bank accounts abroad. Ile kidogo wameiba inakaa hapa Kenya. Magufuli and the Sugoi thief are cut from the same clothe. Men who resolve what to do and do what they resolve.

If the man from Sugoi really cared about the Kenyan people, how come the maize farmers from Rift Valley are suffering while he lives in opulence.


@Simiyu22 wewe unaona opulence yyote hapo? izo si ni nyumba za kawaida zenye elders wa kawaida wamejenga kwa 50*100 zao around Nairobi? Hakuna kitu extra ordinary na izo nyumba. Wakulima wengi wadogo wadogo wako na dams kwa shamba zao. Tembea kwa babake mercy masika. Najua hujazoea kuona compounds zimepandwa miti, sababu uko lazy. Maize farmers are suffering because the people incharge of the country want to frustrate Arror.
Akiweka Foundation stone kwa project yyote treasury inaabiwa isirelease pesa. Wanakataa kulipa wakulima ndio wachukie Arror, lakini kalenjins wanajua kila kitu. Wamesimama na Arror hadi sasa ivi, kwa izo shida zote.

maize is a political crop. if maize does not give a farmer returns then they can grow something else that does

THEre is a curious case of The sugoi man with fertilizer. He controls the fertilizer cartel, most of which are sold to RAI’s timber factory to make UF glue.

The sad thing is, those unlucky farmers say liwe liwalo.

As if you don’t know Rai are just a front for that famous family. Ruto has no business connections with them.

Mapadlocks is also a dictator so ukisema they’re cut from the same cloth…

Dude. RAI FAMILY haVE been partnerS of Ruto for long. You certainly dont know the business dealings of RAIPLY WITH RUTO.

Wamezoea shida zao, anyway I also have a water pan at home, using it for irrigation

Nor are you privy to RAI family and the Gatheca’s/Kamau’s.

I haven’t denied that, even the moi family.

Rais are the Guptas of kenya

Huwa unadanganywa virahisi.

Hii inaitagwa man of the people photoshoot. It was invented by Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin himself.

Hitler also perfected ‘the man who works for his people’ photoshoot.

And if he wasn’t posing a psychiatrist would say the chaos on his desk depicts the chaos in his brain.

Na leo kila mtu dunia mzima anamjua Hitler. Kila mtu anamjua Joseph Stalin. Men who resolved what to do and did what they resolved. Your grandchildren will read about Arror. Huyo Raila na brother wake watasahaulika.

Sidhani kuna mtu hajui kuhusu Arror the land grabber and mass murderer.

In fact Wakikuyu wengi Rift Valley wanashindwa itakuwaje 2022. How many churches does he intend to burn in 2022?

The biggest mistake Kenyans will live to regret is making Arap Singh their president. The man has no soul, he would steal from his own children.

Why are you so bitter always
Ama wewe Ni mwizi wa sugoi