Post winners only in this thread. Accompany your winner with effidense. IEBC/Major media houses links only. Hardmean @Electronics4u pin this tafadhali.

Murang’a is UDA.

  1. Kiharu MP - UDA :white_check_mark:
  2. Mathioya MP - UDA✅️
  3. Kangema MP - UDA✅️
  4. Kigumo MP - UDA✅️
  5. Maragua MP - UDA✅️
  6. Kandara MP - UDA✅️
  7. Gatanga MP - UDA✅️
    Gov - UDA :white_check_mark:
    Sen - UDA :white_check_mark:
    Women Rep - UDA✅️

We are African and Africa is our Business…


They voted in protest




Kidero, governor homa bay


How come hatukuweka term limits for Maps in the constitution. Should be like gubernatorial seat. 10 years max consecutive or otherwise

Hata US Members of Congress can vie as many times as they want. Same for MPs in UK our colonizer

Hiyo ni Yao. We need to change that. It will also improve accountability. Or create checks and balances sort of. Constituency lead by a single person for 20yrs and maybe no tangible progress or development

Na kesi zote za graft, some pending in court…how was he even on the ballot?

Ngojeeni tu official results. Every blogger out there wanapost tu lists zao.

If the voters don’t see anything wrong with that scenario who fault is that?
They get the leaders we deserve!

We’ve been f**d as a nation for eons preciselty because of never seeing anything wrong with what is obviously wrong

Sifuna Senator Nairobi

Walter nyambati UDA nyamira
Esther pasaris nairobi
Natembeya trans nzoia
Bonny khalwale is back
ODM loses Luanda township
In short UDA is way ahead in this election…congratulations to @sani, @SaltyLight @Kalenjin101 and @Titty Twister …you were worthy ktalk opponents…sasa mlete hizo biashara tufanye pamoja.


Throwing in the towel early?
You sounded so confident of a raila win few days ago??
Anyway still too close to call for me but am happy my people from MT Kenya have rejected project!