Official UCL round off 16

@old monk na @admin pin hii thread.
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Kama kawaida niko nyuma ya tottenham na man city.
Obviously harry kane na dele ali lazima wafunge G.G. Buffon

Man City qualifies but still won’t win shit in Europe (I don’t think any English team will do so this season for that matter). Its the beginning of the end of the road for Spurs. But it should be an interesting one.

Why should this be pinned?

Juve has one of the meanest defences in Europe. Alli hawestoboa maybe Kane.

Kuchapa Juve home ni tricky sana. I’m behind spurs though.

Humbwer huoni kama hii thread iko na maana wewe kama fan wa arsenalchiet

I am highly persuaded to agree with you

tuko nyuma ya totenham na City to the end

team England all the way

Jinga hii… Hata no wonder haijapinniwa… Mi ni fan wa Barca na Man U but sioni haja ya kupin your stupid thread…

Fala hii i knew uefalona fan boys always hate juventus for what they did for your sorry asses last UCL

U must be a Madridiot… Sorry this season mtatoka trophyless:D:D:D:D

Lazima niwatch hio game for ur in4 but your thread lacks the taste to be pinned…

Ooh yes

Tottenham wanaenda nyumbani. Juve has less than 8 defeats at home in just over 6yrs in all competitions and have conceeded only 1 goal in the last 16 matches

Spurs wanaeza piga Juve leo, they have playing very defensively

Sawa umeshinda basi anyway arguing with a uefalona fan boy is like saying messi is better than CR7

messi is better though

CR7 ni upuss, Messi is the real shiet.

Sioni, Juve ni moto wakicheza home and wanachezanga tu hio game boring na wanashinda. I see a narrow victory in favor of Juve.