OFFICIAL THREAD: Countdown 2018; Bye 2017!

For many, 2017 was what an old English woman once called an Annus Horribilis - a terrrible year.

And its ending the way it has been if the death toll on our roads is anything to go by.

Thanks to the stupidly long electioneering period, our economy tanked. Businesses posted losses, and small enterprises closed. Thousands of precious jobs were lost leaving thousands of mostly young people unemployed.

Elsewhere, global warming ensured that our food production fell below anything we have witnessed in 10 years. Personally I lost two crops of maize, beans and potatoes.

Strikes were all over, and just about everything bad happened - looters torched businesses, police shot people, etc etc.

So, as we say good riddance to 2017, lets reflect and hope for a better 2018.

What was your worst experience of the ending year? I’ll go first.

My worst experience of the ending year happened towards the end of May. I was hurtling down the Southern By-pass at midnight when the worst happened - I lost control. The car started fish-tailing at 14okm/hr and within a second I was rolling in the bushes.

I woke up in the hospital with a serious head wound. My medical insurance had just expired, and just like that I lost 250K.

The car was a total write-off, but at least I am alive.

A lesson learned, but a darn bad lesson!

downgrading to a bedsitter, which forced me to look for a new kunguru despite the tough economic situation i was in

Nothing specifically but siasa ilinibore, we are far from being called a democracy, but there is hope. 2018 should bring the changes that will unite Kenyans.

This year has been bad coz I have lived from paycheck to paycheck. I haven’t done anything meaningful in terms of personal growth, but new year new things. Let’s hope for the best.

Lost ‘700k’ na sisumbui mRaia

Ulipoteza aje? Kwa malaya, kwa matatu, kwa spotpesa, kwa pyramid scheme, how did you loose the money? Then we can comment.

Edited…lost in quotes…a bad move…sio vyenye unafikiria…hizo ziko under entertainment

hii nyoka lazma iliekewa pishori ikaibiwa

@GUKA I salute you much enjoy your last 2017 day.

Thanks, sir. What was your lowest point in 2017?

I think I trust God since my tender age, knowing that I was brought up by a single mother…Her player to the most High always direct my foot

Fucked up year especially the first quarter, but thank God all turned out well

Wishing all villagers a great 2018

Salute! Enjoy the remaining hours.

Generally any electioneering process affects my job, and side hustles as well (coz they are related!). The never ending debacle we had really stretched me.
As if that was not enough, the Government made one of my other source of income online.
Lots of earning dried up, but through all, I give God Almighty thanks and praise for the strides I made, the hardships notwithstanding!

halafu kuna mtu atapanda ndege pale tokyo in 2018 aland us in 2017

You just won’t go away, will you? Sawa tu…tuonane 2018. For me the year hasn’t been bad actually and I am praying for a better 2018.

I am as pesky as the old man from Bondo, right?

I am as pesky as the old man from Bondo, right?

Felt like 12minutes under water. I am glad to see the year end, look forward to better times.

Happy New Year talkers.