Kwanzia kesho all TZ government offices wabadilishe

Wazanzibari ni kama wanaskia some type of way, since wana president wao kwenye muungano, halafu Suluhu ni Mzanzibari pia


Hassan ni bwanake ama babake?

Akakitaa barakoa si hata yeye, ama wacha tu.

The man behind the throne. TZ First lady gentleman.

These Tanzanians never feared Corona at all. Here are some clips on Makafuli going round the country addressing people. I was hard pressed to find even one person wearing a mask (infact I saw none): (btw, this guys political style is soooo Moi)

kuna kijiji flani aliwaambia live live ati hajawajengea amenities flani coz walivote opposition. As if hawalipi tax, smh

Those part of the world I think the women retain the father’s name

Can someone please sensitize Madam President on the importance of masks. God forbid if she caught corona with her age and body habitus…!! Ama they think covid has mercy, because it took one president it can’t take another? We all know that it’s just a matter of time…

Kurona is a scam

whats the purporse ya picha.

What would @uwesmake do??

Authority,the brain has to know

The guy was a populist, even tho i think his tours and barazas were really good ideas. Lakini they get it wrong when they put their faith in a figurehead rather than in institutions.

True. With this guy, he actually was on a path to destroy institutions and the opposition and rig elections unlike his 2 predecessors Mkapa and kikwete. He did well getting rid of corruption, trying to reduce Tz dependence on foreigners and increasing revenue collection. Tz was one of the worlds fastest growing economies during his time. But, if you have to destroy institutions or circumvent them to do it, then you may be creating a bigger mess than you are solving

wacha mama apige kazi na uncle Uhunye

Sometimes you find institutions to be headed by greedy and inept personnel, what choice do you have but to circumvent their insincere policies?

True. But you have to try to find a way to deal with these in an institutional manner. For example, we have an anticorruption institution hapa called EACC that is an institution designed to watch over other institutions. Its better to try to deal with corruption institutionally. If you are a one man dictatorship that shuns these institution, what happens to the state when you die? You may even find institutions that are supposed to manage your presidential transition no longer working… then what? Shall the state die with you?

@Brayo44ki huyu anasema EACC with a straight face:D:D:D