Officers involved in Kianjokoma Bros murder to go on trial as IPOA forwards findings to DPP for action

Rogue officers are being reined in Mos mos

Out on bond on first day of court appearance.

Verdict in 2025.

From what I have seen today alone, decisions have been made from the highest office in the land that the police force is out of control and must be reigned in. It’s actually a very serious international embarrassment for a civilised country to have such gross human rights violations.

Probably this will be the first case that the 6 will be prosecuted in a few weeks.

The order from DPP to have the 6 arrested and transferred to Nairobi probably eliminates any bond or bail applications in this case as mentioned by DPP that they do not want any witness tampering.

It has been an embarrassing few days for the Govt and today the IG was literally snubbed on his Engage the IG twitter thing, with 100% of the questions being the Ndwiga brothers. He responded with 1 tweet. That was a statement of intent by citizens who are yet to process why the police would kill like that.

Of course, all these caught the eyes of the highest political powers and to eliminate any embarrassment with the force, these 14 will serve an example and deter officers from committing such murders. [Including the 8 in Nakuru]

Notice the coincidence with the reign that has been meted in Nakuru over the illicit brew deaths. I think 8 officers have been sent home too over those 10 deaths]. It might be PR, but this time they are going hard on rogue officers.

Keep in mind all these 14 in one single day. This is definitely from the intelligence service and NSC

Next they should go for all these rogue traffic officers doing nothing on our roads but collect bribes