Kuna vilager amepeana hekaya hapa,ile amekulana na colleague sasa inamalisa yy:D:D:D.Huku kwetu pia kuna drama inaendelea, I kinda related to the thread…Whats the funniest/stressful experience umewahi pitia in your career/office environment?Iko mahali niliwahi kua,vile wasichana ya watu walikua wanatumiwa na masonko,Mungu saidia our desperate generation.Leteni hekaya za ofisi villagers:D:D:D

Kuna choir master wa SDA hapa nakuru ali kula choir member ( mwenye ni bibi ya mshiriki kwa hio kanisa) hadi akampa mimba.
Ili bidi jama aende kanisa lingine na abatizwe mara ya pili


hao wa SDA huwa hatari sana

one day one tym
I’ll shoot a nigger in the head, take a meal & then walk

What shocks me tho is the stories my friends tell me huko Kenya…most of them have found themselves in v uncompromising situations! especially those employed on contracts. I know I would be sacked in the first 2 months coz I would not tolerate that bullshit.

I have posted a similar post, sikuwa nimeona hii…

so if bibi ni wa SDA choir or works in corporate , ngo or on-contract nipimwe ukimwi mapema…

Link tafadhali

I also had an SDA friend and I used to smash her weekly na alikua choir member pale campus

Hard financial times force women to make very tough decisions…also emotional torture from the house forces people to do crazy things in the office environment.

That’s recommended…watu watoane kutu…in this scenario,it’s compromising because it’s in a working environment

A senior sales manager in a fmcg company I worked in was sacked over an affair. He had a thing with a sales girl. He was caught by the MD having sex with the girl after hours in the office. He was newly hired and had worked for less than a year. The girl was a direct report and claimed to have been pressured into the affair.

How come they say Americans have no morals lakini huu upuzi ni ngumu sana ku happen. People here know how to mind their own business.

We are vulnerable. Why do I have to shag a boss with the ‘good’ looks of Atwoli just to keep my job? Kwanza you may think those working in NGOS and UN are lucky. Wacha tuu. Huko ndiyo mambo yote. Kuna kabeshte kangu kalikuja huku on her A/L. Tell you what… she was here for 2 weeks and most of that time was spent on the phone with her boss discussing work rather being harassed for stuff ‘she had not done’ before she left. She was always almost in tears each day hata tukienda maraondi she was on tenterhooks all the time. Now wharristhat?
Some others tell me lazima wapeane vitu…
Bullying is rampant in the Kenyan Employment market…

Just like that,you lose your source of income.The office place is a tough place, temptations left right.

No society is immune to immorality.In every market place there’s bound to be a madman

Wachana hata na NGO’S…County offices is where the really rot is…Tusichana tunaenda izo departments ati internships…they end up being used by those county bosses so much…boychild Hana lake,you must have a Godfather ama uongane ndio angalau update kazi uko.

Hata kanisani,huko kwanza ndio worse:D:D:D

Kanisani is a different animal. Work is what matters. This is your livelihood being held in the palm of one hindiot or more. One has the option of moving churches but jobs? walahi…naaaaah.
Not right.

Na vile wahindi wanapeleka ma secretary gesti,so much for livelihood :D:D:D:D