Off roading to Lake Chala and spending a night at Rombo. Masai Girls can be tempting

This marks the continuation of my previous journey, where I’m documenting a return trip from Voi to Uthiru without traversing Mombasa Rd.

Previously, I traversed Tsavo West National Park, ( and today I’m embarking on some serious off-roading from the Maranu area to Rombo Town.

Initially, I planned to reach Kimana, but due to a late start and a detour to Lake Chala, my timing was thrown off, leading me to opt for a night’s stay in Rombo Town.

I found a very decent lodging here for just Ksh 700 per night. A hearty meal of half a kilo of well-prepared beef and ugali set me back around 600 bob. I shared this meal with some Masai girls while we watched the Africa Cup of Nations. Honestly, I can’t recall much of the game as my attention wasn’t really on the TV. I won’t delve into all the details of my night in Rombo, but I can confirm that Masai girls aren’t extravagant, and Rombo Town is definitely not known for its abundance of rice - it’s a “rice-free” town, if you will. Haha!

Make sure you watch the full journey on youtube here


Niko na very wonderful memories of Rombo town zile siku zenya bara bara ya kutoka Taveta to Rombo ilikua murram.Used to go work in Wundanyi,Mghange then back to Maktau tukielekea Taveta.Then the following day early morning its Taveta to Rombo then Oloitoktok and back to Taveta in the evening.

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Rombo is a nice town!

Did you traverse the Mwatate - Taveta road before it was ‘laminated’? I remember doing quite a bit of rescuing motorists traveling that road in vehicles not well equipped to handle the terrain. At one time I rescued a family of 3 who had gone to fetch water and as they were going back home (to Mwaktau) they suddenly found themselves sandwiched between 2 groups (of about 20 each) of elephants.

Or the fine dust that flows like water on a vehicle’s windscreen and windows between Isinet and Oloitoktok…


Yes i did it before the lamination.It was in a very bad state.I used my personal car the first time,by the time i was coming back the front bumper was hanging loose because of constant vibrations.The second and third time nilikuanga na Isuzu TFR double cabin za job.Never used to feel the ‘lamination’.
Anyone daring to use their personal cars on that route kweli hakuwa akijipenda.Mimi ni kuchochwa na jamaa flani who wanted to be appointed a dealer and he lied to me that the road is murram but iko passable.So we drove there to see his shop.Kumbe his family also lives there.Return trip nilikua solo.Realized the fucker used me for a trip to be with his family in Taveta.When it came to getting the dealership he couldnt even raise the working capital of ksh250k.
It was a pleasant trip though.Never missed to order kuku kienyeji pale challa hotel.

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Wee. sisi ni waoto wa jana hii njia sijai ipita bila lamination. haha

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