Off-road Alibaba UTVs.

Wadau I’m planning to buy these UTVs from Alibaba. Zitakuwa za kuenda adventure huko mashinani na my family. 300cc-800cc. Top speed 80km/h-100km/h. Price: $1500-$2000. Is it worth it? [ATTACH=full]323187[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]323188[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]323190[/ATTACH]

Following… With stock ya TP to stave possible premium platinum rhodium tears

How much are the original ones from which these Chinese fakes are copied? What of materials and build quality?

And where will you source for spare parts when in the end they fall apart?

I’ll source the spare parts from the manufacturer… Original 4-seater Kawasaki costs from $10000.

Good for Game parks and big hotels/ ranches…

Hio cost difference ni kubwa sana na hizo za China. Why?

Arctic Cat Wildcat TrailAll-around $13,000

Honda Pioneer 1000-5 Heavy Duty Work $16,500

Kawasaki Mule Pro FXTFamily-sized$13,000

Yamaha WolverineTrail runner$11,000

Yamaha YXZ100RSpeed and Performance $20,000

Kawasaki SX XCThe Budget Option $8,400

For a start let me go Chinku. There is no way I’m gonna spend $10000 Kwa kitu natumia twice in a month. I know build quality iko chini but bora kuna spare parts availability from the manufacturer I’m good.

Weekend adventure…I’m planning to use one huko upcountry.

Chinku lazima ikusumbue

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