Of women and cooking........

The bigger scandal than the Eurobond in Kenya is that women born after 1980 cannot prepare proper meals to sustain a marriage. Now we have a generation of men who will never know the healthy and spiritual benefits of a proper homemade meal. If you are a Kenyan man who lives in a city, you are probably used to the hodge-podge wives serve as dinner. The level of laziness and dearth of creativity is not only annoying, but quite unsettling. A standard weekday dinner mostly comprises tasteless greens that have lived in the fridge for two and half weeks, warmed unevenly in a microwave and served with badly-prepared ugali in old ice-cream bowls. They usually serve this meal, sleepy and tired. Even worse, the number of Luhya,Kikuyu, Luo and Kisii women who know how to cook proper ugali is on a sharp decline. We now have a generation of millennials who know how to mix their liquor punch better than brewing good tea for breakfast.

Just about the only other thing they know how to dish out is fruit salad (in which case three-quarters of the damn thing will be watermelon and paw-paw, which are really silly, terrible fruits).
Now, the only place the newly-married man can go for a proper meal is at his mother’s or his favourite aunt’s place. That is where his best chapati or traditional veges are served, yet he is married, pays rent and even has two children. Imagine there are women who serve their men cabbage with ugali? Cabbage! The most useless, lifeless and tasteless excuse of all vegetables.

There are women over 19 who do not know how to prepare chapati, but can dance to Mavado in a club. I mean, a woman should learn how to cook before she can taste alcohol or bend over in clubs.
The advent of roadside chapati sellers and ready-made food in supermarkets is to blame for women who are averse to cooking. I think we are excusing mediocrity for no reason whatsoever.

Women still expect us to be men, provide security and be breadwinners. If that’s the case, we should also subject them to the standards that our mothers and grandmothers were subjected to. Our grandmothers tilled the land from sunset to dawn, raised no fewer than eight children on average, but still were able to ferment mursik, smoke meat and dip the greens in milk, keeping our ancestors strong. This is the reason we exist today. It does not make sense for a woman to spend a whole Saturday in a salon if she cannot pass by Toi, Muthurwa, City Stadium and other markets to buy some organic foods. I mean, Karen housewives, married to men who run the country, go to Toi to shop for proper food for their husbands who are nursing various lifestyle ailments. I find it very irresponsible that some
women go to chamas for a whole Sunday to
gossip and cannot find time to prepare those chapatis that can make a man sneak from a
football match for a bite. Married men should
stop condoning mediocrity in the name of
modernity. Fair treatment means you be served traditional vegetables thrice a week, millet porridge – made from organic flour – four times a week, chapatis (twice a week), and your favourite dish, be it fish or mukimo, twice a week. Insist that she must know how to cook ugali, unless
she is from a ‘certain community.’ Kenyan men don’t like nyama choma because it is so good.

They ravish it because they know how insulting the food back home is. Yet, bad cooking kills sex life and spiritual bonding in a marriage. It makes the man stray to look for food elsewhere. There is no mincing words here, style up, women!
In an era that lifestyle diseases are taking people down, we cannot afford wives we pay millions for in terms of bride price to play dumb in the kitchen. If you are a man, kick the damn microwave out of your kitchen, because it is where the laziness starts.

A fridge is for ice cubes for a man’s whisky. You may allow her to keep a few tomatoes and milk for the children, but no cooked foods. There is no excuse whatsoever to store cooked food in a fridge. Have a healthy week!!


Teach yourself how to cook. Food is one of the basic requirements for survival, if you can not master the art of preparing it how can you call yourself a man? If a woman doesn’t know how to cook wachana na yeye utafute mwenye anajua kupika.

This is very true especially for my sisters from the Mt. Kenya region. Those living near the ocean and those from the lake side still have skills


Kweli kabisa…

if you or your wife cant cook watch this



Phew! I’m not in that category but if a lady doesn’t know how to prepare a nice meal mwache aende or keep her for other matters. Not as a wife.
The shortest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.


Peasant Problems.

Solution: Hire a professional chef


I can relate to this. Every evening I wish I married my neighbor;I’m always assaulted by exotic sweet aromas coming from their kitchen. I would never get tired ass-esing a woman who makes me good food. Sometimes I am forced to engage the blender just to put something in my stomach.


Kira…:mad: …born in 1980’s n me n girls I know can cook very well


Aroma mzuri huwa haimaanishi chakula kitamu. Aroma ni condiments tu. Onja mapishi zingine zimewekewa kama kila kiungo zitakuua ulale miguu juu kama mende.

i am kyuk and hapo mumeanguka hamujui kupika kabisaa…


I can cook well, but I will not marry a woman who lacks essential cooking skills. It’s quite unfortunate that girls these days have a sense of expectancy that their men will be assisting them in such chores. The only time I’ll cook for us is when she is unwell. Utapikia bibi once kijiji yote ijue umekaliwa na mke.


Ati nikuje na Hungdown zangu mara uji ni maji maji, supu ya nyama transparent naonea nyama ndani na mchele ina supu nyeupe, kamamy please PACK UP N LEAVE natumia wazazi picha ya evidence via watsup

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pliz… hapo nimekataa ,tunapika hata kutandika vitambaa mezani:D…kama ni ugali ama chakula ambacho kijiko hakihitajiki…una nawisha mzee mikono na maji moto vizuri na kumpa towel/serviette …after kula unauliza kama anataka 2nd serving, if no unam nawisha tena


you are crazy… could be wewe unajua lakini hawa wanawake wacku hizi ni bure kabisa kwa kitchen n bure kabisa kwa bed room. The only thing they know how to do well is dressup… that they know na kuparty…


:smiley: :D…crazy is good sometimes

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true…sometimes not everyday or every weekend…Are you the crazy type?:wink:

wewe purr hakuna ku uliza kama anapewa second plate, you serve him by force and force him to finish the 2nd plate in anyway you can, at that time unamgoja hapo kando yake huku ukim feed kama mtoi, eish nextday ni mkono ya mbuzi itakua inakuja


Reserved …thou

Some would rather employ pro chefs to cook.

Not every man wants a wife who cooks well.