Of Tribal Myths, Customs and Traditions

Its safe to say that all tribes and communities have traditions, taboos, myths and ways of life that are not only misleading and ungodly but also retrogressive.
Luos have their wife inheritance, tero buru shait, Luhyas have their share, so does each and every tribe in Kenya.
Lakini iko wengine wetu, we have this shiny thought that we are more civilized and are not held down by such misguided customs/myths.
@ole-wenu ye house of Mumbi, you are bound down by the myth that a Luo (read Raila) presidency is bad for ruriri and at jicho nyanya is the Ruriri’s Messiah.
“Messiah”? SMH amewafanyia nini tangible except kupora, kuuza nchi to the highest bidders(read Mchina and Walalos)
Until you change your mindset, mtaendelea kulilia kwa choo.
I don’t know who I’ll vote for come next year but I know which team I ain’t voting for.

RWVBP brigade kujeni hapa.

In other news, the Jubilee govt led ERC yesterday reviewed the pump prices of fuel for the next 1 month, Super Petrol price was reduced by a whooping kshs 0.85 while diesel was reviewed upwards by kshs 5.00…


Did you decide yet what this post is really about?


Mimi nilishangaa sana ata sikujua ikitoka 91 hadi 96. i just thought filling stations are stealing from me when the money didnt reflect on the gauge. Fuckin.

Wewe nani heshimu umri. Mimi si rika yako. S.V

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Sasa 0.85 ni nini

can ya’all dim-eyed orangutans and ur sympathizer’s combine ur upuss threads into 1! mnajaza server ya @admin bure. have u ever seen @spear repeat the same development story twice??
WNBP donge?


UK is a OTP,

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