Of Subarus and Meffi Drivers

Hii article nimeisoma mahali tena before

Your gaydar is off the charts.

that coming from a man who calls avocado guacamole and makes banana smothies to sleep, it must be a case of a gay man recognising a fellow gay man


Gari ziitwe vile zinafaa kuitwa sio kuitwa Subbie na Lexxie unaonanga @uwesmake akibatiza x6 majina funnyfunny “ati exxie”

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kila siku subaru subaru subaru subaru. subaru subaru…
si mhamie syria niliona ni toyota tu ziko???


Hata @mariachi haziiti “Subbie”

hutu tumzae tuliuma route 11 tukiwa bado bachelors in their 20s halafu saa hii wamenunua premio sijui crown sijui c200 merc ama beemer when they are 37 years tuna machungu sana. Wanyamaze. MEFFFI!!


Juu I have a big dong tunawesa ng’oa turbo ninunue na 520k:D…


enyewe subbie is a bit gay…kidogo tu. but kama mtu ni wale wa ‘we kujad in Mike’s subbie’ tutasema isorait isokei tu :smiley:

nimekubali na wewe. this coward here in this nissan tiida needs to keep quiet.

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Homowebdev umeskia

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pretty sure the skoda had retracted its exhaust pipe to the back seat after the subaru passed by while the owner hid behind a flower vase


The gist of the question is, do you have to disrupt whatever activities people are engaging in with your noise?

Does owning a subaru make you exempt from keeping the peace and maintaining the safety of others?

Does owning a subaru make you exempt from noise laws?

Does owning a subaru make you exempt from traffic laws?


Dude, while you whine about nissan, skoda and these cheap subarus, you have to realize that i got my first car,actually the skoda while i was 21 (2nd year in campus) in 2007. I’ve kept it to-date just to remember where i started. I have no problem with any subaru as long as its decent, not bought on loan and not driven by a moron like you


Team EVO na hatusumbui


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Hii homowebdev anakaa kuiita Mitsie


@Mark10 how old are you again? Must be some very bitter young man, with dreams of owning a loud subaru (did you call it a subbie too?).

If that nigga with a loud subaru is breaking the law then the cops would have had him by now. So blah blah blah noise start with your local playing mugithi first

I am 25v years old and yes Subaru was my realistic dream car since form two and I have it. your dream was a skoda :)cool:) congratulations.

But by thirty I won’t be having the same car and hiding behind a flower vase contemplating what to tell my wife as the reason why I am late. :smiley:


Kama hio sub ni wrx sti heshimu hio gari pamoja na mwenyewe